Its a real feel of 22 degrees outside, yikes.  I’ll try to to stop talking about the early winter and focus on some good/better news.  My car is an ongoing project, and aside from finding oil in the third, uh, sparkplug area(a very near future fix), I have a much better outlook on Ahavah Olams life, which is ironic considering (his/her)it’s name.   Winter will be the trying time.  If I can finish relaxing I can get back to animating.  This time  I’m trying my hand at a whole scene.

I would be working on it now, but my days are off are spent away from all of… madness.  I guess that’s the problem with having my workstation also be my pleasure station, so things can get a little discombobulated for me.  Which is why I seek a sanctuary away from this.  God, I really am getting old.  I’m enjoying working on my car, and spending time doing other projects too.  I don’t want to lose cartooning or animating, in fact I would like that to be my full time job at some point.  Speaking of art, I think I finished an acrylic piece, it’s nothing fancy, but it felt good.  I’ll put in on my deviant art.  I’d like to try to and paint or craft once a week.  It feels refreshing to say the least.

Next up I should bring some physics work with me to work, so in my off time I can learn math!  That might happen actually, also as I age I see my self drawn towards mathematics and logic.  What would help me more more than math would be art, but I don’t want that place to be confused with creativity.  In my industry, creativity is a four letter word, and there is a lot of chatter right now about stuff and things.  Beh, I know.  Let’s talk about something else, let’s talk about Magic.  No, actually the best kind of on the job learning/training would be multilingual lessons.  I’m kicking myself for spending almost three decades in the swamp and I don’t know enough spanish to have a coherent conversation.  I’m like a cave man grunting certain words and base utterances of syntax.  Grammar is not my friend in that language.

Or things could be getting worse as the world shifts into a new gear.  In that case I will *finally* drop the banner of Schwofield and pick up the banner of Truth.  That’s just my wacky imagination starting to take over this stream, so on that note I must bid you farewell and success on all of your projects.


Holes in your coffin.