I’m not going to say MY dreams for tell ANY (read as my) future, because I don’t have enough non-anecdotal evidence to back up that claim.  I do remember my dreams, especially the one that allowed the posting so late.

As a glimpse into my life, I’m waiting on a phone call and a ride to the auto parts store, my positive terminal cracked…yep a metal ring/clamp cracked, probably due to the fact it came from Florida, and now I’m among the terrible infrastructure of the mountainous region.

Speaking of which, after the Denver area had those floods, there is still a lot of questions flying around this city as to when the next big one is going to hit, MY question is, why aren’t we building future infrastructures in mind that doesn’t allow for lots of water/melted snow to move from the driveable areas to lakes/streams/retention ponds and such.  That water isn’t clean, but mother nature is very good at purifying things over time, proper steps.  I guess if I were to run for an office here, that would be my main focus: improvements.

More of what they say: this will be a cold, wet, winter.  I do hope we get a spring 2014 year, because we didn’t really have this year, just snowed until summer.

I have already broken a cardinal rule of the webcomics weekly group: my strip doesn’t start off jokey, as I’m trying to the establish characters first.  I’ve actually made some great headway last night and will stream me making a comic for the Schwofield.com twitch.tv account.  I will try to move those “archives” over to the main server but there isn’t enough to justify such an annoying transfer.  This means i’ll have to youtube in a bit, but not twitter or business facebook.  Later on, when my business plan can warrant it, I’ll find someone to take those social reigns,  perhaps the other half, in the future.

Something tells me I should stream me fixing my car, that would have been coool, actually that gives me a good idea, no screw that, a GREAT idea!  This might pan out, or its just another idea I deemed Great, that could work depending on the execution and my old nemesis: follow through!

So look out future, Schwofield is coming!

-(SWO)Mr.Schwo out

“Sendai Song – Logistics”