I wish intuition and creativity weren’t so intertwined.  Are they supposed to be?  What happens when their connections become blurred causing the metaphors to have greater meaning.  The best I can explain that is why synchronicity being an outside force which usually pairs with the inner force(s) within us.  Which is just a collective mass of thoughts, bacteria, impulse, and diet(Religion).  Correction, a directed collective, who seems to have two goals, to live and to thrive, which would be classified as one’s will to do so. This would be someone’s zeal or zest for life, either their own or others, or ideas.  I prefer the latter of the three because I like to type endless amounts of essays on whatever it is you could say these blogs are about.  I want to say Truth, and this is my roundabout way of getting to it.  By letting you in on a conversation I am having with Creation around me.

As of late, this conversation has “added a new character” so to speak.  This usually means a new (separate?)conscious force has entered my playing field.  Its one I kept at a distance because I honestly thought my gender as well as my blood kept me away from.  Which is why I am so gung ho regarding space travel and its technologies.  I realize there is nothing I can do to aide this, so I have dialogue discussing advancements rather than going over some vainglorious war in the desert to release aggression.  How do I want it to end?  I want the war on humanity to end, and that battle is the first step towards victory.  It’s a test to find a way to release a people from religion by restoring them and giving them a new purpose.  It’s a time of renewal for them, as my states and I seem to head into an early winter.

Lately at errands that pay me, my intuition is starting to fill my “gut” with notions.  I love being out there, I am surrounded by heavy machinery and trucks, I deal with great guys, and I get to be somewhat apart of the energy community.  There feels like something else is out there with us.  Back in the swamps it was easy to dismiss because I was surrounded by mother nature, more like I was engulfed in it, I even battled a mighty Brazilian pepper tree and wonder every battle but lost the war so I eventually grew disinterested thanks to video games.  Now my battles are for my own attention and keeping my intestines from falling through a hole in my body.  Yuck!

Back to the point, I don’t know too much about the exact process or yield of the product I help produce, but I have tried to understand as much as possible in hopes to help minimize the environmental impact.  I am selfish in this goal as I also want to make it as efficient as possible.  I’m also not naive and understand and agree with the movement to other types of energy.  In short I am trying to be as logical as possible.  I need cheap fuel prices, so I can stay alive, but I also want humanity to advance and I believe homes need to produce/store their own electricity so natural disasters can be mitigated much easier.  On the way to this star trek like post-need society we have to deal with the same two forces collectively, the outside ones(collective), and our inner ones(collective).  The check yoself before you wreck yoself, or he who has not sinned cast the first stone, mentality is at play.  Checking oneself is also the first tenant of wisdom, which is also a thing.  Look it up.

The outside forces are innumerable and at times immeasurable.  Thank God for science we now have all kinds of rulers, and excel, oh, and power point.  I wish powerpoint had a little more animation ability and I would use it over another Toon Boom or Flash.  Although I did hear the new Flash is not as good or fun to use.  Has any force outside of mankind exhibited any higher level thought behavior to, create such as we have?  Even though individually we are cuddly kittens or gently carressable snakes(metaphor), and a whole host of souls inbetween those two poles, we have this zeal to improve upon certain aspects of our life.  This magnifies and gains in strength with its influences. Certain thoughts and ideas are more prevalent than others for certain reasons or another.  I personally have not witnessed a biomass that is capable of generating so much energy hilariously inefficient as humanity.  I have also not left my planet or dimension, so I cannot vouch for those pockets of knowledge to be discovered.  Until then, no supernatural or spooky events.  Just dull mood killing philosophy.  I mean lovely, wonderful, Creator acknowledging understandings.

On Earth through  I have only been alive for three decades, and aware of very little of that.  I also won’t get into my faith here, that can be found elsewhere.  Outside though, at a place I hang out at for 40+ hours a week, I am getting the feeling like the environment around me, the wasteland of the plains, isn’t happy.  I’m not a tree hugger, I’m a technologist who wants to go to the stars without leaving a footprint on Earth.  I see waste as energy that is begging to be released.  Either through “recycling” or processing into something more valuable.  Anything is better than dumping it into the environment, which to me would cause the need for a severe ethics inquiry into its operation, but it might not yield any results, so que cera I suppose.  I abhor corruption in any form and wish to seek its end, but right now, and even according to the path I want to walk, I am not going to take up arms, unless certain key criteria are met.  That criteria unfortunately is based on my mental state which is based on a myriad of things I won’t go into here.
Does “Mother” Earth have a collective consciousness?  Other than symbiosis, its really hard to tell, but I can never just say ‘no’ to an idea.  even though gravity could one day not exist(astronomical anomaly), I rely on the fact that it does exist, so I make my crude comix and write this enigmatic essays.  I’m starting to have this nagging feeling like beyond the compound there is something that is unhappy with things.  Moreso than usual.  This is all unknown territory, so I can really entertain the thought on a somewhat safer philosophical perspective.


I wrap this up with the repeating notion that it feels like something, like a collective force of weather and terra firma is getting tired of certain actions.  Uraniums and radioactive things are much more fair game because they are like gifts of free energy.  As for oil, I am sure there are much better ways of extracting, processing, and utilizing it, so we can can work in tandem with the alternate forms of energy as they grow in power.  At some point someone will make a “3d printer” that can  make oil or even something better, but this comes at a cost.  This cost then becomes the transition that humanity would then go through.   You first.


If you are happy you are loved.