A little heads up for anyone running FTB, I found out that there are times it can I guess corrupt itself(?) and become unusable.  For me, the console was telling me to wait for FML, but FML was telling me that was loading nothing and was at 0%, which guess equals since sometimes 0 = 0, so it was stuck in the nothing success loop, where the very issue of failure IS the reason why the loop exists and is closed.  It’s like being in a depressive state, and there are times when the only way to break free of it is to “separate” yourself from it with a distraction, if enough of the distractions are positive, the nothing success loop fails to exist.  Holding the idea of a thing, especially failure takes very real energy, and that comes from physical sources, like food, work, and sleep.  On a caveat this doesn’t work all the time, and depression is both a mental illness and liberation from the sociopaths that run this establishment.

Speaking of establishment, I am glad people are standing up to the school board(s) for once.  Our education system put us in this mess, so why are we continuing the same Victorian/Napoleonic style of education,is it because it works, because its fair, or because its the best way, or the more probable because its the way its been done in the past?   Addressing the later issue is liken to addressing the issue of corruption in the upper reaches of any government, why would the devil cast himself out?  I am not saying government(s) are evil, I am saying that the people(their inner forces)  that are in power, individually, form a collective that seems to run on corruption.  You can only hope that those in power remain neutral to the idea of humanity seeking its own salvation, but alas, this is not the case.  The larger(power) country ends up having to control and contort so much of the surrounding environs, because it can outgrow its “initial boundaries”, either physically, monetarily, socially, and/or spirituality(see Israel).  It’s learned men acts blind to these atrocities, but its only to calm the common people who at this point have been bred to produce the desired outcome.  Individually would bleed out creativity, so its has to be done on larger groups, which is ALWAYS economically based as it seems to be a good way to quantify a level of existence.

Back to the point of education, I’ve found it interesting that the schools that tested the best received the most funding.  They wouldn’t need any more, they are doing fine it seems.  Adding propaganda classes is adding insult to injury, especially while failed cities exist.  If I was an overzealous state I would be worried about failed cities/states, much like the industry that the student grabs onto as a “helping” hand. The right hand brings through the gates into the ivory tower, but the left hand can place you in debt to this grace for the rest of your life.  A neat solution would be for the Occupy Wallstreet to occupy Detroit and build a university there, a free one run off donations.  It would also be transparent, so people would buy supplies and things needed for the students.

A farm would be needed, so the students would work to feed themselves and the community, as my country goes through with the plan to turn the city back into farmland.  The university could then start branching out with its own energy generation that provides the town with free energy, the townspeople just pay for upkeep and maintenance.  The potential could lead to a revival of how countries look at the idea of cities (re)construction.  Hopefully all cities could have their own free university.  I also realize that unless the middle class magically has an increase in income (company not $*!&$% federal wage raises, have some respect for humanity companies), it will be hard venture to fund for them, but I am confident it, like life, can find a way.

Will large private donations be accepted?  Only on the grounds that it can in no way influence the education and research (outside the obvious) of the institution.  I propose an internal security force that also has very high transparency as well.  As far as sports go, instead of it being held on campus I would use the private(?) ones in the city.  I could go on and on about its possible virtues, but it would just reaffirm that new systems can emerge from the old, they are reflections of the positive aspect, the negative aspect is being consumed this case, to help a few at first, but it will snowball towards the possible answer to a crisis that is growing.  The board of education is too rigid to deal with the issue appropriately because its grain is old, tough, and full of knots(why are the kids suffering?).   I also have more ideas, but I’ll save that, for another time.

As for now, it’s time to slowly pay off my student loans as I work two(three) jobs and play mine craft to deal with my poor cartooning and writing abilities :P.  I should have been a better student, much like the school should have been less rigid.   Boards should pray this trend doesn’t continue.  I pray my cartooning gets better, because unlike them I want to use my powers for Good, because I’m a tool, and I listen to Tool, and a Perfect Circle.  Oh  Mondays, you crack me up.

Good luck and success on all of your projects Great Reader!


Staying in my play pretend