I’m in the process of changing my time management, but I’m going to have to be resigned that my days off are going to be spent in the kitchen.  It helps me unwind and decompress the week.  Today was welcomed by French Toast with maple and (homemade) elderberry syrup.  I also finished off my chocolate pie.  I’ve learned a little bit more about pies.  The crust I have down, but in blind baking, it is hit or miss.  I had two pies to make, and the first one was for entertainment purposes, which was a shame because the crust wasn’t fully baked (I guess), it was king of doughy.  But in my hate to expose my baking skills, I fell flat.  I give that dessert a B+, sorry guests.  I was also stupid and cooled the pies in my cake pans, then … cut the pies out with  knife instead of on a cutting board.  Now.. my cake pans have cuts in them, blech.  I’ll get some new ones later on, after my bread loaf pan purchase.  That night the three of us finished up a pan of my double chocolate bread pudding.

Tonight was an “Oven Stuffer” chicken, which I stuffed with sauteed onions and placed upon a bed of canned beans.  Adding to that was greenbeans made from the previous night’s dinner of my room mates soup, and finally the coup de grace cornbread.  Oh, wait, I forgot a chicken buttermilk gravy, it was a good time.  While cleaning up, I had the idea to use my vegetable shortening and makes some chocolate oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, yeah, good nights at the office.  Tomorrow, though, its business as usual.

These two days were Schwofields days off, so the office was filled with Minecraft.  I still couldn’t get FML to work, so I’m working on an SSP, 1.8.  So far.  I have it one peaceful because the “technology” is so ridiculous and the seed drop rate is ridiculously low that I would have died of starvation.  I think the server might have a vanilla one up, so I’ll let you know about that one.  In the meantime enjoy a fart joke.  I’ll try not to be so blatantly low brow in the future, well I do have a phallus joke coming up, but I’ll edit that one before it get’s “aired”.  I’m trying to ride a family line.  Cartoon wangs are allowable if its tasteful.  I bet that was the actual first cave painting ever made, just to make the guys laugh.  It’s the cheapest and first joke.  Ok, well second joke, the first had to been flatulence.  That sound removes all tension.  My apologies in advance to those who may have lost their lives due to passing gas.

Let’s move on from this grim topic henceforth.    I wish you good luck and success in all of your endeavors.


I’m scared ‘case the past keeps pulling me back.