Isn’t it a little early for snow?  Well out where I’m at there has been some discussion a few things, most notably energy production and the oncoming loss of jobs due to automation, as well as the weather and the early winter.  At least we aren’t in a drought right?  We did have snow up here in Denver area, the mountains yes, and there as the threat of snow at work on a day off.  Instead the following day was a weird mist.  I’m going to be taken back if I find out that there is some sort of planet consciousness and with it an internal karmic system of reactions.   At this point, why not, right?

Speaking of reactions, a few schools seemed to do such that with a protest against “conservative” citizenship and civil authority classes.  Looks like some cold war rhetoric is having is own kind of religious revival during these dark times of Snowdens, Russias, and flavor of the month group(s), it is not a strange thing for a government that doesn’t like transparency to demand expect want ask force wish for obedience.  At this point it’s not so much the whole institutions fault, much like it isn’t my fault for failing to live up to my full potential.  I don’t control all the forces around me and within me, so I do the best that I can.  The difference between me and an organization is an amount of immune systems that support mine.


If the “conservatives” were actually conservatives and not patriotic shills, the school board would bring back financing classes and gearing the curriculum towards a future of very limited jobs, that no longer increases at the rate of the 1950s market.  But I cannot imagine the amount of enemies the school board must generate due to outside influences and closed minds, unless they know something we don’t, in which case we revert back to the reason for a lack of transparency.  Fear of being caught.  Caught in what?  Well you’re guess is as good as mine.  My body and immune system tell me I am somewhat healthy aside from the hernia and other assorted lumps and bumps.  I’m as healthy as a modern day mystic, whatever that is.

Even my car has a way of telling me when things are in certain conditions, although my faith in Dodge and its Neons of my year was the pinnacle of man’s love for his machines.  Some men would leave their loved ones for their cars, and it is those men that I hope design this and all of my vehicles.  If only there was a way they could work with 3d printing and have an income provided to them so they can be free to do only one thing and one thing only:  cars.  Another guy: trucks.  Transparent compartmentalization, unlike the used in Capt.America 2: Evil Never Dies, no wait that’s not it, but it’s something.

Anywho, good luck with all of your projects, and may you always have Courage to Love Truth.


You always hurt the one you love.