There are a bit of technical difficulties with locating the unhinged server.  According to the monitoring program its all fine, and it was up for some off nineteen days.  I reset it, and still, no dice.  It’s ok, I really need to make the shift to animating.  I spent my weekend relaxing and making pudding, both bread and boxed.  I actually made some pie crust I’m going to bake some of that.  I have some vegan protein meal that I want to turn into something.  I was thinking skyline chili.  Yes, cooking, its a good time.  Depending on some things I might be able to send some birthday cookies out as a payment for keeping the server going.  High School me would be ecstatic I am able to draw “consistently” a comic that isn’t comprised of my own sprites.

During my weekend I got a chance to watch Star Dust and Chasing Amy.  The former I had never seen and am quite pleased with its entirety.  Everyone had a good performance, and the use of death as a comedy timer was pretty good.  I am glad I watched after Chasing Amy.  Which i’ve seen a few times in the past, but really watched it this time, and now I see that it was incredibly well made for starters.  I appreciate so much of the technical aspect it makes me ignore Holden’s unbelievable, but it was the 90’s, and sexual morality still was(and is!) a hangup.  His character couldn’t even even redeem himself after his supposed personal growth of “acceptance”.  I really didn’t like that character and saw him as the villain of the movie.  His partner was just a cohort that only loved to make trouble and nothing good could come from him, until they separated, and even then.

I have a busy day tomorrow, and this week sleep and I will become enemies.  Oh, I have a few more comics to go before I get into some good stuffs.  Good luck and success on all your projects!


“Tell ’em when you find true love it lives on.”