For some reason I want to get both of these up towards midnight: my time.  I must reinforce how selfish this comic must be to me.  I do have plans, but as of right now I do not feel adequate enough to carry them out at this time.  I talk about them only in this manner (and sometimes more) just to reinforce to myself the path I am on.  This is the early stuff (hopefully) and I can’t wait to see what kind of zany adventures Spinach and the Gang will take me; and sometimes you along with.


Honestly I could tell stories all day, but one of the issues or benefits of wisdom is constantly cultivating the seed of Truth that lies within us all.  It’s just we have two paths, the inner and the outer, or the actual and the entity of a thing. The part of the whole, which also strangely accounts for the concept of zero.  Using something to represent ________ , but that is far from new.  I just like to remind myself of such a thing.

I would rather speak on ancient or at times (not here) new possibilities as we strive to look towards a better future.  When I have more content generating I will speak of those things, as for now I will continue in the fashion to which I am accustomed.  With concessions of course, I won’t speak of  why Faith and Religion clash, or my seecret plans of business that is so far being strapped to my back, but I do have some help, I keep mentioning that.

As far as animating I plan on getting down to it later today (after I take a nap and run some errands), now that minecraft is “dying” down.  More importantly than Minecraft is my love of animation and cartoons though.  I want to make money from it rather than wearing my uniform.  This is my path to freedom.

That day will most likely be when its warmer, as the winter months are more financially taxing up here.  I must find new ways of bracing myself by increasing credit limits and spending very wisely. This will all start late next month.  It will be an early, brutal winter they say.  If its anything like the past two years here, we will also sacrifice our spring for prolonged winter affects.  I know I used affects instead of effects, I like the look of it there.

Its time for me to shut down the quarrys and computers, which now has a thirty second cool down, and a good minute until all of its pipes are clear.  It is a good day on Minecraft.

Good luck and success on all your projects!



In your darkest night, you are lovely.”