Mondays, I’m afraid are booked up in regards to activities  I’ll have to adjust my schedule accordingly.   Soon more days will be filled with pegging cartoon men.  That’s right, it’s a pretty good day, I’m getting into digital animation (through another company, for now) to work on a series called Hypno Tom.  From what I’ve seen on the Youtubers, I have gathered that it is primarily a Hollywood based superhero cartoon, only Hypno Tom becomes different versions of pre-existing superheros.  So I get to fulfill a childhood dream of mine, I won’t get to do much writing, I’ll only do most of the grunt work.  With any luck either Hypno Tom becomes a success (I hope!) or I get move jobs to an animation company full time from the knowledge learned (earned!).  Anywho I’ll keep ya’ll posted as things develop, this was a big day.

I’ve written some better dialogue to the point that it looks like I’m about two months ahead, but that might change depending on a few factors.  I realized the sooner I go digital, the sooner I can do more.  I am still intimidated by PS, but I have a version that is legit and good enough to get me started.  Now, don’t go expectin’ any after effects or illustrator magic, that is advanced, and in due time.  Unless page views demand it, I’ll keep it ad-free until I’m bready to rise.  I haven’t given up my book,  as soon as I give up any notion of selling it I will get to work on it more.

On a sad note the selling of Mojang to Microsoft put things in perspective.  First off, all hope of doing anything with minecraft has dropped to the point that at some point if I ever get Schwofield going I would open up a games division.  I have a working prototype for one, and the beginnins of another.  During that time I hope to find a way to liberate Duroc and return him to the Schwofieldian Presidency.  First though, I am trying to liberate its CEO who is being held in an existential prison built of his own design!

One of my goals for the end of this year is to make a pilot episode for an animated series.  Technically I can get two done, but I don’t have that kind of time.  This is all dependent on a lot of things.  But, I must brace my finances for winter coming.  The heating bill will double, why can’t Colorado have Nuclear power?  Why?  Screw natural gas.  What about that waste?  Get to science on it and reuse it.  Radiation == FREE energy!  It’s just sad that we are in our infancy what it comes to nuclear power.  Let’s save that rant… for another day.

My opinion on the matter Minecraft deal is that I don’t think Microsoft can treat it as it needs to treated.  It can be whored out, yes, that’s more or less what I’m expecting.   How should it be treated?  Well, with MY notes, it can become the greatest story ever told in the gaming world.  Without them, it can still be a good thing, but unless it embraces the mod community or at the very least steal from them to make Minecraft into a teaching tool.  Which I would have done.    It is legos, but is has the potential to have infrastructure and run stress tests(3D printing?), it’s maddening that nobody seemed to treat it with respect.   TFC might be the closest thing to a good beginning, and I would like to see what they create.  Until then, I still have the decision of when the reset will happen.  I just wish I could keep the structure, but lose the tech.  I’ll re(search) all that again, that I like doing.

I’ll see you all tomorrow, good luck and success on all of your projects!


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