So I should be able to hit a regular posting schedule of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as long as I continue doing what I love.  I’m not a big fan of the daily strip, but I do like sneaking daily strip material into a story.  I’m getting closer to being able to tell the story I have initially for it.  I’m about fifty percent into the first draft of the novel that is tied in with this universe, but the story of stories (so to speak) is something special.  It will also get me closer to my baby.

Before I talk about babies, I should talk about novels.  Since my trip back to the swamps has been canceled due, I think I will instead attempt to finish that novel before I begin the November novel writing challenge.  I completed it a day late because of work five years ago: Cassandra’s Eve.  I already know what I want to write, it seems oddly timed that I would write this one.  This one I haven’t dared to attempt yet, its a dangerous one, but its also feeling right to me.  Much like Cassandra’s Eve did.  I don’t know how anything beyond Bane will be edited(which is what that needs, then I’ll open a store), but at this point, I want my focus to be on creating things, the penultimate homage to which that Created me.

By the end of this month, or tomorrow, I hope to finish enclosing the breeder wing and turbine housing in the Minen craft.  I am also trying to learn Java for my own mod, but that will be “unlocked” shortly, for my own mod.  I’m doing that when I can, but I kept my notes, I’m trying to simplify crafting as much as possible, which is the opposite of TerraFirmaCraft (TFC),  I like so much though, but I don’t know what we are married to the creating the pattern EACH time crafting system.  Its unnecessary, my answer to that is (built) crafting patterns, and resource specific storage.  Why?  So crafting can become wayy more intricate and customizable based on skill level.  Now you can name craftables at grand mastered items and choose select enchantment(s).  Why?  So the the game can split into two directions: fighting and crafting/resource gathering.  Bah! I could go on for hours about mod theory, and one day I hope to put into practice.

Continuing Minecraft server news, I was told Unhinged is no longer supported, so we will have to choose another mod.  I have a while to choose, as the problem with sandbox games is their temporary nature.  I used to like restarting, but my latest building, is massive.  I’ll try to make a video or something, and upload it.  It doesn’t matter though, since the adventure part of mods is always lacking (Twilight forest is pretty cool, and so is MystCraft), but there is no story being told.

Which brings me back into the arms of the ocean so to speak, I guess.  I took this title from a Florence and the Machine song that was on my Pandora.  I always hope and pray that I will continue to be able to tell the stories that feel like they are being told to me.  All of these things that I make is just a manifestation of my Faith.  I’ve always seen that creativity is bound to one’s faith in their personal truths, even in lies the Truth resides as its kernel.

I must be off, I just got my quarries back up and running and its my weekend.  May you all remain in Light, and I wish you success in all your endeavors.

-Mr. Schwo

“Light of my life, fire of my loins.”