This is hopefully a taste of things to come.  Well at least a more regular event.  I missed writing the post last night due to my computer crashing.  My comp has an issue where it crashed unless I have some game running in the background.   When I get back to photoshoppery I think I can just leave that open instead.  As for now, Minecraft holds my attention.  I’m trying to assemble some “warriors” together so I can destroy the end dragon and tame that land, farming for its delicious pearls and other ores. Even though I’m very little sleep filling for half a shift made me feel wanted again.  I miss being a rover, even now.  I miss the instability, but my mind doesn’t.

A good goal would be to find the one I’m looking for in Brighton so work would be an easier commute, but it takes me farther away from that special place, which I need to stay away from.

Each day I look and ask for someone who can provide me insight on what I am going through, but I feel my allegiance to the Creator will allow only a certain amount of collaboration.  At this point its hard to disinguish between spiritualty(following ones “heart”) and mental illness exacerbated by anxious fears.  So many thing are changing, and as always blood is spilled over the lack of humility (proper understanding) or you should read that as a lack of humanity.  Which at this current point in time is the norm from our watchdogs.

There is something about a nation of great wealth that cannot take care of its own citizens.  To keep politics away, this condition is mirrored by the citizens who “must” become like minded with their two leaders:  crowns and clowns.  Are the citizens held in direct check?  Physically, examples of a more recent event, the law enforcement’s inability to show any sign humility, will only exacerbate the situation.  Sadly, in these States United under Mammon, the love of a pay check will ALWAYS trump sanity in cases like these.  There are those who will profit when the military gets involved.  This is not new, but we lack the safeguards to stop it.

To me, all blood is equal and deserves to stay inside its host body as long and comfortably as possible, we all have as equal right to exist as the rocks, the air that we breathe, or even the cool math that heats our cosmos.  This right to exist becomes our laws of society, as often we see that how we treat others(the world) is just a reflection of the torment going on inside.  I don’t think perfection is ever possible.

Christos is as close as I could get as the blend of cool Greek words to soothe the burning hot fire of the Hebrew people.  They are like an everlasting fire that sustains itself on so little its own blood.  Since the State Israel is in the hands of Mammon, she was able to shift her sacrifice onto others like a coward.  At first I felt sorry, but when I asked further about “the deal” the response was clear: madness.  Sheer and utter madness.  Even now, when the veils of the past have been lifted, those who work in the shadows place new veils that are almost indistinguishable from the Truth, all to hide It’s heart.

As of now, I cannot and will not speak of the world, as right now I am possibly under some sort madness myself.  Why I am up here, and the series of nonstop metaphors and meaning.  It’s all second nature yes, but the purpose, and the vision, is almost a burden.  Instead I try and find ways to unlock a certain door.  This would be my finding a way to prove my creative worth.  Books are cool and all, and I do hopefully plan to write at least four more.  If possible finish one before I turn the big three zero.  I am aging, and as such I am losing my worth as I am not gaining any marketable skills.  Philosophy without skill or focus is just madness.  I have madness because I have no skill or focus…yet.

I also have some scripts, as well as many more ideas for a few more productions, but all of these are worthless if I do not focus in time to stop the even greater madness.  It doesn’t take a Cassandra to tell you how close we always are to complete chaos.  If I am allowed to take or help the church the blow can be softened while learning powerful lessons about each other, or a coin flip gone wrong sets off chain reaction that conflagrates the world.  At this point in time I could care less about the church or the state as all I see the god they bow to, and I don’t agree to it.  I want to in order to succeed, but then I get struck down, so I seek the path that feels right to me.  Others seek what is right for them.  My path just so happens to bring me at an impasse at the moment, but like all of the thousands of previous impasses, I will find a way to overcome it.

I hope and pray never to be like the those that hold back humanity, and for you dear reader, be good, and remain in the light of Truth, always.


“We could have had it all.”