I made or unlocked in my case, this comic during a minecraft burst of creativity.  Tomorrow I shall endeavor to do an oil change, my own.  I have all the tools needed, and the oil, and its looong over due.  I don’t want to break my car, the opposite, but my without a proper guide, it seems to raise the difficulty level.  To me it’s at an eighteen or so, for the attempt!  The actual work seems easy enough, just a mental wall, that nobody but myself can respect.

It sadly feeds my “comic”, and today for speed is putting my  goal in reach.  Once this goal is met, I will drastically improve the quality with actual inking!  I hope at that point I will be able to return to digital, not to the full ps.  That program is BS!  Not really, but to me, it seems like an awesome full of po-ten-tial, but I’ll take my elements any day.  Its getting older, but then again, so am I.  Speaking of getting older, no one ever told me that then you get older your nails aren’t as “round” any more, as in sometimes the nail a striation that anchors a point.  It’s hard to explain, or maybe its a sign my unhealthy behaviors are catching up to me.  Don’t care, I have Primatine Mist(tm) pills and home made chicken and bean soup.  I should go get some before I attempt to sleep.


I’m almost to the seventy five percent completion of my walls, I’ll take some more pics and delete the crap ones and upload the good ones to show you what I am working with.  I also apologize for my lack of comicry and its quality, but I am unfortunate to have mixed my spirituality with my cartooning and right now they are clashing internally in a huuuuuge way.  There is a lot going on, and the fact my awesome job is bleeding me dry isn’t really helping my overall stress level.  My heart stopped hurting as much recently, but I don’t see things improving mich.

In the meanthyme, I’m working on building my own mmorpg “board” and card game.  I’m diggin’ out all me old dice again.  Thanks to my Schwocraft RnD I can work on numbahs so to speak.  I will eventually have to write a manual, which I would love to actually.  I already have a few made up classes and abilities, abandoning a lot of the old ways in favor of something hopefully new.

I can also work on crafting and resource gathering with  the right cards, I’m going to have include a buddy or mercenary system for that.  I want to make it dangerous.  I have to be wary and not make it too complicated at first.  Something that could be easily translated into Schwocraftia should suffice.  But, for now, it’s in Schweta.  I’ll entitle it, Operation Winnebago, no wait, I’ll call it, “Adventure for you!”  of AFY fo short!

May you remain in the light, and as always I wish you success in all of your endeavors!

I’m hungry.


“I would not swim where there is no water.”