I am making some great progress on the creative side.  I am soooo close to my (initial) goal it is not even funny.  What isn’t funny, is real life.  I’m talkin’ about dem stagnant wages, does three decades count as negligence?   I want to create a lot more than this: Synthetic Wisdom.  I have more, much much more.  Projects upon projects, and as such my support is little, but it is strong.  Mental support has been always to that which created me.  Sometimes I regret going after what I have so soon.  I don’t like talking about it because as such to me it is nothing but a burden, and to you, dear reader it doesn’t exist, yet.

I’ve added about five new pages to my minecraft mod notes, bringing the total to about twelve pages, and I am almost done with the general studies.  My programming has suffered because of certain real life stressors, but I am not a good enough creative to beat them all off.  If there existed a God like the current Christiandom worships I  would ask to be free from my awesome job with inhuman wage.   I do not want to turn this into another mental illness rant, so I will continue with minecraft.  One of my desires is to break into villager behavior and their subsequent trading interface.  If a few things change and I don’t become a politico, then I will endeavor to get that far.

I’m also working on a script for a sitcom.  I have since stalled on my church/family drama but I will put that on hold until I finish writing the pilot episode of the show I working titled (Market Justice).  It will be like Scrubs but much much better.  I wasn’t a big fan of Scrubs at first but then it grew on me.  I want to tone down the drama parts though, as I have no reason for maudlin, I can offset that with either more comedy or invest in the overall story, of which I’ve thought experimented up to about five seasons, mind you I am at the very early stage of development, so that count will increase.

There is a thought going about the office(home) making the show a set of series, written in the U.K. fashion, which could open up some serious story potential.


After I get a church pilot written I would like to see about finding my friend and helping me with Black Adders Fifth.  Its about the three are actually in a community college in America. Adder is a music teacher who is writing a followup to his first symphonic masterpiece.  Hugh Laurie would be an older wealthy student whose family donated a lot of money.  He is trying to get a degree, but he spends his time messing around with Adder and the janitor, who is the third guy, Ben something or other.

The whole series would revolve about Adder making a symphony so awful (he thinks its brilliant), it is saved when Laurie and Benny Boy accidentally ruin the sheets, Benny Boy is a musical genius under the right influence, and Laurie snores a few notes to help Ben.  In the end its a wonderful piece, but Adder dismayed at the success (and the altered piece) sells everything he has and buys a ticket to mars, finally leaving the other two.  Or do they follow him?!?!

So that’s an update for you.  I am holding back a lot of negativity, and I do not know how many tomorrows I can pay for, but in the mean time, I wish you the best in all you do.  I will always support the light.


“Bury my body in the backyard, when youre not looking im gonna dig myself up!”