I have been writing down and giving  my site to my coworkers and friends, so if at any moment a visit, this shall serve as a more recent update.  I still draw Synthetic Wisdom in this kind of fashion, I don’t like to post em because they aren’t good.  Sometimes I have a good joke, but this one.. it counts as humor, albeit barely.


Minecraft is taking my time, but I am also taking a tonne of notes in how I want to do my own mod.  I can already see I have a lot to input initially as far as new blocks, but I do wish to add the all blocks fall feature at some point, to see if I can get some cool physics going.  As for now, I will settle with adding my new blocks and taking away everything else.  The only true way to do it right is from the ground up, so to speak.  One of my new blocks I would like to add is gas blocks, poisonous and non, even inert(caution some are invisible!)  But you w0n’t have to worry about that, for a looooong time.  I have something big I wish to add that will make the game much more fun.

As a hint, I can’t wait to see how the village generation is done, oh and village AI, mmmm.  I have a rudimentary understanding of programming.  I want to know more, and one day go beyond java, but for now, this will be a focus as I play, and one day, perhaps it shall be made.