I type this whilst running two quarries, running on fuel, diesel methinks. It’s about four combustion engines, so far my most efficient use of my available tech. There are those that say video games are devil(s), and some are, e.g. EA has a lovingly low employee and customer satisfaction, some extremists vilify these companies. My love of story-telling trumps that, which is why I suffer through some services praying for an interruption, because it makes the otherwise bland into something different. I don’t speak of any event in particular, but at this point I do not wish nor want something bad to happen for the sake of change. I’ve suffered enough due to existential matters of the mind(heart?).


I have been downed by many different reasons, and at first I was frustrated, but now I see there are some possibilities, I am just worried that my project(s) bear ill fruit. This comic, is something, its more like my trial towards freedom. Am I Gene Talbot? In a way yes, but aren’t we all like Gene on the inside. Oh wait, that doesn’t make any sense unless you’re a deist, in which case it makes purrfect sense, somewhat. I try not to speak on religious matters, but I try to separate the “heart” from the “mind” when I defer to topics of faith versus matter. The invisible versus the visible, perhaps? Are they at war? Only sometimes, and those that enter the war looking for enlightenment or for a certain title in my case runs the risk of not achieving it. I would like to think that my “writings” and or my comics make sense to someone, somewhere, or even better I would love for it to free me. I don’t want to rehash to topic of this being the best I can do given too many factors, but to invalidate my own feelings, don’t we all. The struggle isn’t equal in size only merit depending on how much progress is being made. I don’t know if it will end. I hope and pray it does. Not just if and when I get this title (as and ye shall receive kind of skype), but want it so others can find their way towards freedom much quicker.


So far I’ve been watching the quarry run for thirty minutes, and so far, no over hears. Three I was very sure of, but four makes me worry so. Oh, all this over a quarry, my professional life is in shambles, and here I am worrying about digital overheating woes. I’ll try to update you more often, but since I am just a hobbyist at this point, I will have to accept what you, the dear readers have to. To you I always wish love and success in all that you do! I can’t wait to see what (mis)adventures Spinach is going to get into next!



What came first the count or the number?