We lost a reactor last night. The damage wasn’t as bad as I suspected; the primary containment wall all but disintegrated. Which was the point. We only built two containment units, one that encapsulated the reactor (while allowing water to cool it down), and the other was a wall with a reinforced door. The door did not survive the blast, but the wall held up and nothing was missing, so a win.


Or so I thought. The wall was absorb as much as the blast as possible as our (diesel) fuel storage is quite near. I wasn’t worried about a cascading failure so much the loss of very valuable refined fuel. Read the valuable as time consuming and energy intensive.


Reactor number 1, was supposed the generate the most energy. Gaylord has a knack for how the process works, I as a philosopher can only fabricate and improve certain things. Which is why I am grateful for the split between math and philosophy, I don’t know if a philosopher is able to build and work with the intricacies of physical world. When it comes to the invisible world of emotions, math cannot help, unless its used to make money and stabilize life, that could lead to happiness.


I have an appointment tomorrow kinda early. So i’m going to repair the damage tomorrow, as for tonight, its Final Fantasy 1 on an emulator on my phone. The original is wayyy better than the remake, dawn of souls. Although, after I (re)beat 1, I am going to play FF2. I don’t know about 3, but I want to replay 4 again. I want to finish 5, and then complete my already started 6 save. I will do this all with my little future phone, unless I break it. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Good luck with all of your projects. Im looking at my sketch, and intend on inking it, don’t worry, I have an idea of where I am going with this story, actually I don’t! All I know is that will contain references my sketchbook comic world that sustains what I have so far. When I get more in touch with my soul which hopefully means better at art, I have a story I am saving, but I am sorry to say we must suffer through this…muck together. I’ll return to digital only when I feel I have earned it. Until then, I’m headin out!



It’s true I crave you.