I have been negligent in my duties. I want to cartoon again, but it seems the art world has closed its doors on me for a little while longer. The most recent cartoon is proof something in side of me (mentally) was encountered, and now I have to deal/release it so I can get back on track.

In the mean time I’ve been side stepping the block so I can write more. Which I seem to have an easier time with, at least right now. I have too man mental issues to be a creative, well my issues seem to be along the path that from what I have seen most creatives seem to have no problem in overcoming. The other part of their lift is the one fraught with peril. Which is only fitting why I find tribulation in my art, which I can confess to me is spiritual, and to you, well, I don’t know, I can assume you think it isn’t terrible, but it isn’t good.

The other (self created)Enemy is in how I am approaching my waking life. I am becoming rigid, which is scaring me, but it seems like it is necessary for me to age into that role. It will allow me to focus more, like on working on tasks more than creating new ones. I still want to create a new project or two a day, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not good at writing things down, nor can I allow more mental storage to be used on things that might not come to fruition unless I try really hard.

Which is why I am glad in lieu of the comic I am allowed to write in my own blog, while justifying it by telling you that I am working on my script. This part I have to be alone, the writing. Once done the editing must begun. Once editing is done, the script is copied and then I go location scouting for producers, based on this pilot episode. Once the producer is found I begin the arduous task of project management, I get a crew of volunteers who help me structure it. The filming and video editing would be the only “costly” portion of the actual thing. I have a few production companies in mind, but honestly, I would rather eat the cost and do this internally, which would reinforce what I am trying to accomplish here.

My distribution net is already in place, so I’m set, all I have to do is write it, which now I can focus on rather than waste time trying to conform to other ideals. If visual art door unlocks I will get inside for a few moments to breathe in different air. As for now, its that project, oh and Schwofield will be going offline during an anticipated relocation starting this Sunday 5/25/14 – 6/3ish/14, maybe sooner, it will be a week, which is means no mine craft to distract me. I would like to have this fully written by the end of the month, and I’m beyond the halfway point already soo..

I must go, I have an obligation to keep. Good luck in all of your projects and I pray they not only reach frution but benefits the world.



Between two lungs it was released, the Breath that passed from you to me