I apologize that due to something that has come up that is apparently beyond my control, I have to take the next two days off.  I really want to draw and tell stories, and this hurts me, but something has come up at work and I will need this time off from the comic.  It’s hard for to say a definitive yes, it will continue, I want it to, but my current condition will not allow without severe reprocussions.  I’ve lived with myself long enough that when something like this happens I am not a normal artist and I can’t work through it, so I have to sit and deal with it until it passes.  A few events triggered it, but that doesn’t matter.  What does matter (at least to me) is that I am a poverty line white male who cannot fix his own mental state, I can deal with it, but so far I am a failure because I am unable to get passed mental malaise so I can get back to do what I love.  As for now, I am off to nurse some mental/emotional/spiritual wounds.  I may not have support during this time so I have to prove that I can, no I will overcome!


Until that day, I wish you dear reader(s) the best of luck and success in all your projects!


I know what its like staying up all night, nursing wounds