This comic is getting a little crude, I apologize but that seems to be what I made, so there. I’ll explain more as I make it up, so stick with it. The only hint I can tell you is that it is loosely based on my sketchbook adventures. Spinach has learned a lot, but not as much as he (I) need to. In the time from inception to now I have grown fond, angry, attached, divorced, and now joyfully marinating in the condition you see these characters. It’s also me attempting to thwart my old nemesis: consistency.


The result is a lot of personal growth and acceptance of things. Also, when time allows it, my other world(s) grow, all things in homage to Father of Father that created me. Yeah I know, a little preachy, I apologize, it’s just that I’m trying to come to terms with the dream that brought me up here. Or like all things it just felt like the next step, much like my loyalty to my friends and loved ones to stave off the depression. No, not stave it off, commiserate with it. It was a dark time of hermetic stoicism, most of the time I failed to succeed in my quest for what I was seeking. I was experiencing ego failure on a daily basis, and even shamanistic revelations couldn’t do what leaving the swamps could do.


The city in the clouds metaphor sounds wonderful, but in actuality it was worse that where I left, and in accordance with the dream I have fulfilled the first part of getting up here, by sacrificing enjoyment for worry the life changing adventure became “another day”. It’s a trick I learned about anxiety, I play around with it until it whittles the hours away into nothingness. Dangerous, and even now, without a reality anchor, its even more so. Philosophy is a very powerful device, but to my credit, I am working with what I have been given. The first step WAS isolation, and it seems it still is. isolation to create, isolation to ruminate, isolation to stay sane(?), isolation is that golden moment where it is just you and Creation(the Creator), it’s sauceome. I’ve grown crazy spending too much time with God, so very crazy, but hey, thanks to following the “path” I get to fulfill a childhood dream of mine, with these comics. I’m sorry to you reader that its not any better, I am trying to GET better so I can tell the story I am wanting to tell. It’s just not time.


Now, as we re-enter a conflict with Russia (or hopefully we don’t), we don’t know how much time we have left, so now, here is my response to what is going on. It’s sad that corruption cannot be rooted out by even the strongest leader, as a result none seeks strength but pure cowardice. It’s ok though, I’m no better than them, I’m disenfranchised due to the fact my country has so many great things but such an intense hatred(read: indifference) to the health of its citizens within its borders. The saddest part was that it wasn’t in the beginning, and that the basic right to life is compromised by the callous who are possibly seeking immortality, I don’t know how one man wouldn’t do all he could to save as many people as possible. I’m also under the impression that the mightiness of a nation is in the most efficient use of charity, but sadly there are so many factors at play that the cogs of the machines are easily replaced for this very reason. I couldn’t play God, not without a better understanding of what is at play, and seeing as how I am unfit for any position beyond the lowest tier of any industry, my dream of one day working for the CIA will have to be just a mental fancy.


Why the CIA? Because Philosophy has taught me a love of systems, but at the same time its taught me about the need for the Truth. Well maybe not to humanity right now, but for me, I see the need. Until then I will continue to sit on the front lines as management once fails the underlings because of budget issues and failing business models. I wish a new industry company would appear, one that understand how to treat its industry professionals with respect and dignity because they are human, not because a supreme court mandated it. Also, I’m sure the CIA (event he janitors) have health insurance, which will probably end up being another reason to delineate between terrorist or not, because only terrorists would be uninsured because they are trying to destroy (read: terrorize) the country. I’m learning. I’m learning.

Good luck with all your projects and stay in the Light!


“Hook line and sinker for a four wheel drive”