I’ve been expanding more on my writing project and it has me reflect upon its subject matter. I was told by accomplished writers to write what you know, and this, sadly is all I know. Correction, its all I care to know. I give what I love, which is wisdom, the same weight as others love of gaming, or sex, or sports, my second love cartooning.


I want cartooning to be my love, but that would deny what came before it, and what I must pay homage to because it brought me this far. Wisdom is a strange bird if you actually pursue it, had I the mental meds or the monetary means,  I would walk the scholarly path, but then unlocking that love spurn more interests. Instead I chose to become a hermit and explored other paths that opened up a connection with that which Created me, all of me, which would also include you. All of that knowledge is pretty much useless unless it is applied, hence cartooning.


One thing I didn’t anticipate was that skirting the art would would not be an easy feat as the world of creative chaos is a stark contrast to what I am used to, I love order and structure, I always have, its just the school system and I were at an impasse as to how to work with the hyper(active)ly focused youth, which is the necessary answer to our lifestyle. How quickly the conditioning is occurring is amazing, and it seems to be getting faster as well. Or not, that is just what I see, what you see could be exact opposite, in which case, tell me more, unless its propaganda, in which case, that does not belong here.


Writing is not the same as painting, they share some similarities, but painting has opened up doors rather than being the all inclusive God mode of writing. Cartooning though is a blend between the two which borrows more from the writing camp, at least on my end, and from the general nature of comics. That is also why I will be in my amateur status for a while, which I am both thankful to all the circumstance granted to me to be the unknowable force that created and guides me with my heart.


I’m also happy that my search for truth rewards me with free comic(s). Oh internet you will never know what is isn’t posted to you, winky face, and I am about a third done with my script. Tomorrow after tonights engagement, assuming I don’t get wounded, I hope to add to it. I will hint that it an hour long programme, so, yeah, I need to hurry it up as my deadline is before the end of the month.


Once it gets done I have to go hopping from location to location, looking for something, just like I did back in the past. Only this time I am more grown up to ask for assistance rather than demand obedience to the truth. I am also not discounting the fact I suffer from mental illness rather than any other purpose, but that’s the odd thing about searching for wisdom. Don’t get me started on mysticism. Time for a meal of sunflower oil fried potatoes, green onions, yellow squash, parsnips, and bok choy.


I will admit, I have no idea what I am doing with these items as this is the first attempt with all off these ingredients at once. I’ve fried foods in the past, in fact yesterday, so let me continue this trend. Tomorrow is going to be a special meal, it’s also a seecret.


I will tell you a secret, the best defense against Chaos (which is the opposite of Cosmos) is a clean environment, so don’t think of picking up litter or doing chores as a hassle, think of it as fighting the front lines against the forces of Chaos. Order shall prevail!



Theres nothing more dangerous than a wounded heart.