To some people the mind is like a dump where hidden treasures are found, for me a trip to a junkyard for cars looking for new lights for me, and for my cousin, a front fender/grill, he found a back bumper, but in the end we left with hands full of rainwater. We ended up at Quiznos, which made me feel like I was in college again, those were the days.

I remember telling my classmates in a class that I aspired to be a merchant of death, none of them knew what that was. None of them even made posits upon the meaning, and it was a philosophy class. Do not worry dear reader, I was being facetious, as back in those days I was hiding a soon to be decade long depressive episode. I was already madly in love with wisdom long before I took that class, and my teachers method of teaching straight out of the book made me feel sad for humanity. I was also feeling sad for my self at the same time, so I guess I have stayed in my perceived company.

No, it just made me hide my easily bruised ego as I turned into a hermit and sought out my love of Sophia above all else. I should have gone for riches, or a better real life career, but I like helping people, so I get to find some fulfillment. This comes at a cost though, my expectation of a fair deal has been compromised due to the difference in how Wisdom could rule versus how a clusterfrack of politics and powers. This is covered as well saying that these things happen, so it’s no big deal.

What Philosophy does do is put the ball in one’s court and empower them to make decisions based on concern and then knowledge, it is mans greatest weapon, its how man’s world was built. I don’t know enough about any countries political system to make practical changes, so the next step would to look for, or find, what needs to be fixed. I hope you see the same flaw in this as I do, in losing “the big picture”, but, it is necessary to do so.

On what is the most pressing is also the most dangerous to fix, as man has created its existential Cthulhu of his cosmos. Some endeavor to use it to their advantage, which has its merits and morals, but what would the ethical thing to do: harbor immortality or to share it. No, I haven’t found immortality, I am using that word as any sort attainment, or close enough thereof to show the profound implications of that judgment.

There are more judgments, but I am about to partake in the most interesting and dare I say more “mystical” of them, and when it is permanent, it is the greatest of judgments that we could ever ascertain. In saying this, I do wish for true justice, for all, or at least making headway on the path towards it.

Good luck in your projects and your will to change parts of your system for the better!



Rocky Raccoon went up to his room, only to find Gideon’s bible.”