Most of what I do is stream of consciousness, which would explain why I do not like editing my work. That is Durocs forte, editing and directing. I can perform the latter in a pinch, but the former to me is madness. Why coalesce the already penned when there is new fields to fill with ideas and consequences?


What is new? I do not claim to be on the cutting edge of anything, that is not my purpose, at least not now. The only true virgin frontier is each blank page in front of the person about to sully it with creation. Since my first “year” of strips is supposed to be bad, I welcome them to be terrible as they are not intended to be sold, Synthetic Wisdom is inasmuch a tool that I am using to unlock internal pieces of my self and draw the outcomes, what is written and hidden from the internet and the hackers is shown to a few, not because it is bad, but because it is not ready. I am not ready for a lot of what I have found, so far, even after three years and a move across the country to the City of Power.


In the meantime, you, the reader, right now, get to see a glimpse of whatever progress you want to deem worthy of a lowly man such as I. Compared to the works I admire, my inner guide will not permit me to follow them exactly, it, is, something that lead to the creation of this, among all of my other projects. I do not worry though, even though in distant lands struggles gain strife, and their loud crashes are drowned out by our machines. Those machines are both real and imaginary, too.


Does mankind dismantle them, or come to terms with them? Logic would dictate neither, mankind is avoiding an important issue for the sake of comfort, which strangely parallels my thoughts, feelings, and that stranger force beyond that which I cannot name but try to drown out with other things. Avoidance is part of healing though, right now contention is being relieved in small pockets, but the weight of the machines is needs much more, it seems that humanity is always overburdened by its own creation.


Right now, the hope is in racing technology until we arrive at a post need society. The news of the collapse cannot be trusted to the average citizen because they would panic, they don’t understand how fragile things are, which is why organizations exist to deal with chaos, which of course is the opposite of cosmos, I have always thought that was cool and eerie.


Right, right now, I must leave. I bid you all success on your projects. I will continue to endeavor to bring you more comics. They will get better. I promise, if you you promise to get better, too!




You keep trying to unwind the mess you made of your own mind.