This is an oddly prolific trend I hope continues. A lot of this struggles, and I love to write about this struggle as much as I love to draw. I constantly ask myself the question, why isn’t my work better? I do try as hard and work within the strict confines of how I am exploring the world of art internally, and to some(most) extent spiritually.


I’m learning about discretion, and I believe this is why I am to focus a little more on the task at had, although I had to die in a Minecraftian Labyrinth to learn it. Before I began to draw en mass, I used to doodle at my work places and at times at home all throughout my life, and now being able to draw what is essentially in my heart (those works will come later) is a great deal uplifting, rewarding, and frightening. The latter because I know how much better I wish to become in order to satisfy my own eye.


This whole comic is a bit early, but to me, it is right on time, and the evolution of a thing, seems both strange and natural at the same time. No, not like guidance, but more like little beacons of light in my mind, like a path. I believe I know where it leads, but I will not write about it.


Instead I’m still hard at work at my script, which should serve as a good flagship for the waters I wish to sail Schwofield through. I want to grow both as and out of Mr.Schwo, and with philosophy as my guide and something greater to come as my wind, I wish to use this company as a vessel to trade goods and services, soon laughter.


As of now, I shall stick to Truth and to continue to infotain the “world” and help massage its aching muscles, and soon more to come after that.


I’ll see you all in the future, and best of luck to all of your project both creative and mo importantly, mental.  Oh and 5 Schwobucks if you can guess the “new” friends (the blind guys) origin.




Everyone started off a little insane, but we learned how to quick how to fake it for the game.”