So, I realize that a lot of this is in its infancy, and for me to grow Mr.Schwo, I must see where I can take him. Easter was a very special one indeed. Somewhere among the smoked lamb and “church” I found a little more peace in cartooning. I enjoy doing it now, I am less ashamed, because I personally would like to see my next step in this. My own love of rebellion makes me abandon my Philosophy when I draw, or paint, or even, come to think of it, most of my writing (sans the essays, I rather like ’em) follows along that same reckless abandon.


A few days ago, I had been granted a wish and fulfilled a childhood dream of getting to see the inside of a genetics lab. When I was in third grade, I wrote a story about a hunter that used raw crocodile meat to heal a wound and it somehow it ended up combing the DNA and he became Croc-Man. There was no real science to it, just a fascination of the power of genetics, I guess. It’s never as fast in real life unfortunately, or at least from what I saw. Good news though, I was told we are at a 95% childhood (certain) leukemia(s) success rate, so huzzahs for science, and as for that which created the probability of those things occurring, we are coming for you (ha ha!).


I would later do an exhaustive oratory on the posits of genetic engineering, but being high school no one cared, my conclusion was to make gargoyles, which I believe MAY have been out at the time, so yeah, maybe one day, gargoyles. Actually I would love for Disney to pick it up again, I think its time. Now, I would like to have the castle reinforced and more modern which creates a seecret group of builders in the town, so NEW magicks can be unleashed (sorry its magic, I know).


High school was also the birth of Schwofield and my first web comic, as I always wanted to make comic strips since before my love of genetics, and now its filling me with anxious thrills whenever I do it. I am also upset that I don’t update more, actually a registry bug and my previous schedule were hurdles I could not get over until recently.


No false promises on saying I will have a more cogent update schedule, but I will say that I have been preparing for this for a long time. Time to fulfill a dream that was given to me. Oh, thanks for reading, and I wish you the best of luck and joyous success on all of your projects, and if you want to begin, I hope you have an epiphany or something something.


Mr.Schwo out.