Hello dear readers, I just wanted to pop in and say hi, I am not as that director of All Saints Day said “resting on my laurels”, the first comic book is 1/3rd written/sketched!  Don’t want you to think I’ve forgotten my first love, my second love demands a little more attention these days.  I’m going to working title it: Butterscotch Waterfalls.  I’ll announce the real name when it’s ready.

I’m nearly finished with the fourth book in the Heroes of the Lance series, Dragons of Summer Flame, and wow, I didn’t not expect such demand on a people, it almost makes me think of modern days, and it makes me wonder who the Knights of Takhsis could be.., haha.  I did tear up at a few reunions of course and at death(s) both old and new(spoiler!).   Also, what’s the deal with Sturm, he has the ability to come back and talk to people and remove stuff from reality?  Anywho, Fantastic series, I fell in love with dungeons and dragons thanks to Weiss and Hickman, I liked it before, but they connected it back in high school.

Have a good life reader and I wish you success in all you do!


“Heavy in your Arms – F and the M”