I updated my tekkit/minecraft launcher already so, I can’t go back, no I won’t go back.  Let the server follow me into this brave new world.


Not many other developments, other than the office has been rearranged.  I don’t feel right uploading scanned sketches or bad inked work, all because that is what time permits.  So, if I am unhappy, I must change something, and so I did. I am making great progress on a project, and things are SLOWLY settling back to order.  That’s what this office needs, order.

Kazantakis’s(sp?) influence on me is strong, I like his translated works though, they are beautiful.  My real life occupation is still as erratic as ever, and right now as my heart is being drained, I will continue on until some sort of conclusion is reached.  In the meantime, I have immediate work, so enjoy this “blog” for a while.

I know I will. 😉