Today I hit my goal of being able to complete Two 6 panel strips in about two hours. Complete with dialogue and backgrounds.

I will also have to abandon colour for a while as my goal now shifts to continue on.  I won’t be including any of my sketchbook tales, but I will try to give a story that’s close to it.   As for a buffer, I didn’t want to keep a buffer with this style, so I can save my more grandiose stories for any other ancillary projects (i.e. books).


My goal now is to enjoy this plateau of drawing a strip every day for the past two weeks, and sometimes making more depending on a few factors.  My strength right now is in Spinach and Clint, so I will have to rely on them, but I am trying hard to incorporate more characters, its just a little hard at the moment.  I have no doubt things will improve in a short while as I am drawing/inking/producing at a rate I wouldn’t have thought possible back in 2009 when Synthetic Wisdom (among other projects) began.

Synthetic Wisdom has one real purpose, and its selfish, but it was to help propel me forward so that I can have the strength and courage to carry on with the next planned phase of Schwofield/My development.  I really want to get better, MUCH better, and this is the only way I know how.

I want to wallow in this plateau for a while, a few months, before I hopefully gain the next tier of cartooning: how to draw(cartooon) anything! Right now my uhh repertoire is limited, but don’t worry, my ability is not sufficient yet to fully create the worlds I want to create.  No, that will not happen overnight.

It will happen, as long as I remain on this track.  Bear with me, and me accepting this acceptable plateau and working through it until I improve and evolve, and this time next yet, let’s see where the future will take us (Economic Justice, ftw!)  Good luck on your own projects!


Aqua Lung – Jethro Tull

P.S. I know I messed up a little on the scanning in, I’m learning that too.