After a few weeks off I might be able to return.  Today was a good day, I was able to start sketching Spinach and Klint again, just like the old days!  My biggest issue right now is that instead of doing a gag a day type of strip I wanted to go into story telling.  I like stories, but drawing them, one character in particular is causing me much duress.  I’ve been so used to drawing the same two(three?) that this fourth character is causing all sorts of ruckus in my head.

I have tried sketching him out, and I’ve had little success getting over the anxiety caused by this one cartoon man.  I hope I find someone(a cartoonist in the Denver/Westminst area) or learn something that will help get over the NEXT hurdle in the story line.  I call them hurdles but they are actually powerful guides that are helping me….to rage.  No, to actually continue this thing that I love.  I soooooooooooooooo want to tell this story.

In the meantime I’ve begun a script, well a pilot for a t.v./web programme I should like to make.   To make it would require me to start up a relationship with a church.  As much as I would like to go to my roots and seek out a Catholic church, I would like to find a sect that only has Pauls influence.  Paul is the stupid bastard who ruined the New Testament by lying about meeting Jesus, then is the cretin who ruins his Masters lessons by appending useless morality to it, rather than just echoing the message, he telephoned it and ruined it.  Does any of his works have any mystical value?  Maybe the apocrypha..  The same goes with a lot of the “Apostles” who opened the door for the insanity that is Mormonism.

I’m sure the people are wonderful, but their holy text lacks nearly all of the key indicators needed to be a holy text.  I’m not saying Joseph Smith is lying, just his work is devoid of the same Spirit that inhabits the texts he tried to add on.   It wasn’t his fault he didn’t know about the translations, he was trying to help out his people as best as possible.  The man died violently, and his church made a lot of money counterfeiting morals without thinking of balance or ethics (two key indicators of mysticism, Jesus the Christ == King of Ethics, btw and Ethics != Morals).  I don’t care about the Mormons because they are doing just fine and do not have a need for mystics.  Religion is just another type of government; some bodies are better at making money that others.  Prophecy ruins them all.

As I find a church (and one day  be able to help da Pope expel or at least control all of the Satan which have been let loose for a season, which is fine, but I want a day where they are held in Check and humanity is able to use them correctly, if only for another season.  At some point, I will make my own Bible(s), and I will do a LENGTHY piece on the Book of Revelations, with the sole purpose of revealing it for its true nature: John’s vision to make His own life better.  Since John wasn’t even that good of a Mystic he failed that test, but at least wrote down his vision.  In my book, failure IS an option, I am a Duke of Failure.  If not for my self appointed title of Philosopher Mystic none of the stuff I just wrote would even matter.  I’m not even sure any of this makes sense.  Sadly, my 10+ years in philosophy have removed my humanity, and allowed me to understand anything I come across, oh and assuming its not my own personal stuff, I can learn to do almost anything, rather quickly, and with a much better understanding.  Oh that’s all worthless though (signed, a duke of failure).

Doesn’t matter, there is more coming, and if I keep forcing myself, I will be able to reach self actualization as a cartoonist, then finally have the courage to open up my own cartoon/production studio.  Oh the fun we would have.


“Royals – Lorde