Cheft El Khof, this is where I stand.  Sometimes there is magic, all the time there should be.  Don’t ever give someone your second best or your worst.  I have in the past, so I try now for you, dear reader, and my self.  I’m quite proud of myself for coming this far.  Yes, I have a lot more to go, not only do I have learn how to write better “jokes” but also improve my art.

Yes, the art isn’t good.  It should barely be considered “art”, but I created it.  I made it.  It was a manifestation of what this human form is capable of.   Can I do better?  I like to think I’m improving overall.  Just like seeing the results when I work out, these strips are the me working out my creative\spiritual sense.  Some of it is for me, some of it is for ******, but overall, this is how I try to keep up my promise to Adonai, or the creator of all things.  My essays are just the thought forms, but these comic strips represent something more of my self and my connection to the world.  They are the most selfish expression I can think of.

Therein lies the beauty of it all.  Cheft El Khof, who is suffering the most, those who are unfortunate enough to see these strips?  Or that person which suffers in making it.  Who enjoys the suffering to produce something his heart is learning to accept.  I don’t want to hold myself back, so expect more of these heart warming, yet rarely funny strips as I improve my art.  I could possibly put MORE effort into learning the craft, but at this point I don’t know how to utilize my art books.  I could crack open books on calculus and trig and learn mathematics, how would I apply that, except learning the schemes of man?

I’m still reading the Hero with a Thousand Faces; so in my journey (I am the darkness AND the light) this is how I see my true path towards Christos, or enlightenment, or the destruction of the ego, so I can help the world better.  Are there better or worse ways?  You betcha.  Which one is right for me?  Which one is right for you?  How much madness are both of us hiding in our minds, what is the depth of our minds, our spirits?

Where is it leading us?  Of a truth, if I could run for governor I would, but here in my country, there is no point in a common man running for office.  Too much blood, too much sacrifice, all to be apart of a system that consumes my fellow countryman to keep her wicked system going.  Will it be like this forever?  I hope not, I’m sure it will come to an end.  I trust my patriots are better at keeping watch than I am.  There will be a time in the very near future when she is strongest; that will be the perfect time to strike.  I’m unable to see past certain metaphors, so I can only pray my country finds a way to free itself from the nightmare it is now in.  The rest of the world is suffering greatly because ****** is in control.  I don’t want to write down the name that I give it, not because it would grant it power, but because if it is real, then  this would be the best way to contain it.

Again I ask, how deep does our minds go?  I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors and that you remain in the light.