Work up a little late, had some dreams I wanted to push around.  Or I’m lazy, I work my dreams for certain understandings.

New comic is already 90% inked, when I get (later) back tonight, I will finish it up.  Usually, I don’t like posting on this blog unless I have a comic to back it up, but I feel confident that it shall be done.

Just as a fun fyi- Home Gyms are cheap (if you have the room) and well worth the price.  It’s cheaper than going to a gym, and its easier to schedule use.

Now, the goal is to incorporate more stretching in my life.  Stretch in the morning.  Stretch in the evening.  Always stretching.  Never opposite of stretching, I guess that would be stagnating.   Getting older now, gotta keep moving.  Gotta stay healthy, for when the levee breaks.