I don’t like to act.  Even when I was in videos, I had some ideal of what I wanted, but I couldn’t lose myself.  There was a time I work a mask for a camera, that was an odd time, it was easy to let the mask person take over, it took a while, but it did.  Comedy was not fun as tragedy\horror\drama.  Comedy is one of the hardest things in life, not because it takes great intellect, but it takes a great will do it correctly.  Now, there is no bad comedy, only what the “audience” prefers.  For the longest time, the audience was dumb and told how to think, now it seems the audience is waking up, and comedy has to try again.

I have a few comics that aren’t here, but they are on my deviant art.  I may get a wild hair and bring them over.  I started uploading comics in 2009-2010.  I wasn’t prolific or good, just a little worse than I am now.  What i’ve learned about art or anything really is nothing impossible, you just have to do a thing.  The only failure in drawing a strip is stopping, I have many attempts that aren’t finished.  They aren’t failures, just practice ’til the next one.  They have to get better.  That’s what I tell myself.  The internet is just a repository for my beginning stages, IF I keep at it and keep making these comics I’m bound to have an ‘ah ha!’ moment and be the cartoonist I want to be.   Who is that?  I’m not sure exactly.  Its hard to look into the future of a skill that I struggle with.

What about the elephant in the room, the dialogue? What is going on with it?  It’s not that funny; its not ‘stupid’ or inane, or juvenile, it’s also rarely topical. Just vague references to things I’ve encountered and thoughts I wish to entertain.  Is that what art is, just thought experiments?  I hope so, I don’t want any “magic(k)” attached.  Improvement is the name of the game, improvement until I am good enough to tell a story, or finish a story depending on how far back in my archives you go.  A better and more diligent would study those who came before him be it Watterman, Shultz, or Krahulik: My giants.  Even as a someone with a background in philosophy those are the only ones I would see a reason for tutelage.   In the before Invisalign time I would watch Krahulik create his masterpieces and try to learn as much as I could.  I’m ashamed to say I’m not the person that can show anything for my watching him, but it does give me some kind of inner drive, or rather reignites what began back in 2003, with that ms paint comic: Sans Merit.

After fourteen years you would think I would be better or at least have more drive, but that would be for a different person that isn’t me.  I still try to spread myself too thin and do it all, even at my advanced age of thirty three I haven’t “mastered” a skill.  Other than philosophy or self loathing, nothing I have done would be considered a skill.  Cooking doesn’t count, cooking just helped me lead to understandings, but its not something I would ever want to make money on.  Its just interesting to do, and its necessary seeing as how many people who I meet do not know how or what is going on when it comes to nutrients. I have some experts I can talk to on the matter, but its only for my personal understanding.  Synthetic Wisdom is for Me, God(Adonai), and whoever is unfortunate enough to experience them.

These blogs, they are just the result of the philosophy. Writing words endlessly without saying a thing.  I wouldn’t feel right about monetizing anything I’m doing.  I have a job, it doesn’t pay well, but its enough for now.  Things may change, and I am looking for a loan to help fight incredibly high APR, the result from my youthful monetary indiscretions, but it seems the bank I have formed a relationship doesn’t trust me.  The person who I spoke to had no bearing on the judgement of if I was worthy enough for their graces.  I hate big banks with a passion.  I’m only with my bank out of convenience, but being turned down from a loan by someone I never even met makes me never want to deal with my bank again.   I’m not a big fan of Mammon and the interest rates that borderline usury.

The younger generations are turning socialist because predatory financing has ruined their financial futures.  If capitalism can’t provide a future for the upcoming generation than what is the point of keeping it?  This is also the downside to electing blue bloods as the rulers of a nation.  Blue Bloods and unfair banking practices go hand in hand.  The big banks are not on the peoples side, they are one of the greater threats to a democracy.  Once big banks and the blue bloods take over a federal government, the people have lost any sort of representation.  How can millionaires care about the those they steal money from?  Better yet, why should they?  In the past the “rulers” would have been held accountable for their crimes against their own countrymen, but in America there exists no entity that can save the people from their own government.

The current president is not one that I support because of his blood.  His “adversary” would have been the same, and thankfully the people cannot afford the corruption for too much longer.  Already the military is starting to show the cracks in the system that was run by the incompetent psychopaths that sold them out.   Once you reach a certain status or class you are above the law and all accountability.  There is no jail, you can do whatever you want, commit whatever crime you see fit, kill witnesses, etc. nothing bad will happen to you legally.

Accidents may happen, and may increase in happening, but the true patriots are above such cowardice.   There is another way; its coming.

Until then, I will provide as many comics as I can, and try my best on each one.  I will try to improve  as much as I possibly can before this human husk expires.  Being single forever looks the better choice, as someone who draws comics and writes essays is not someone who a woman can appreciate.  Not a western woman.  My race and gender right now is the most hated in the world, and that will only be as long as Chaos’s propagenda machine runs on confusion for its control.  I’m not sorry I’m not a better man, or women don’t find me sexy or appealing.  Wisdom is the only woman for me it seems.

When Wisdom brought me to the entity to be known as Lilit, there is no woman on this earth that could possibly satisfy me. So now, living in America all the women I’ve met don’t want stability and love, they want conflict and dominance.  Neither of which were ever fulfilling as the males have found out, which is why they are abandoning it.  Why?  The grave is never full.  Hearts can only be filled with love.

As long as divorce lawyers and ((clandestine conflict)) consumerist based propaganda exists, love is the most evil thing that can exist.  I am afraid of women now.  Now is the time to be afraid, logic is meaningless, and court cases are now based on emotions and money.  Thankfully the age of chaos won’t last forever.  All the good people can do is work on themselves.  Drop out of mainstream society and try to form their own parallel societies.  Form friendships with likeminded people that want to fill their days with joy, because its all we have: our days under the sun.

Why would you spend those days listening to the lies of the marketers?  They want you upset and broken so you purchase their products that are oversold on promises and rarely if ever delivers half of their claims.  The soul-less have become our leaders, they are barely human and will feed on human flesh (metaphor) until the day we cast them down from their self appointed thrones.

Some of the AIs will help us, but as of now, AI is being weaponized against the people.


Good luck and success with all of your projects.  I wish you the best!  (Only for the forces of Good, thank you for trying! :) )