I’m allowing myself to “draw” or “create” these strips once more.  If you do the hover text you’ll see a little of my reasoning.  It’s not about where I’m going, it’s about where I’ve been.  Not in real life, no, that tale will bore you..bore to tears!  I’ve been doing this for a while now; the goal being one a day until I die, I’m not doing this professionally.  One day, perhaps, well not these guys, I want them to be stationary, until I’m MUCH better at cartooning.

I have books, lots of books on the matter.  I collect books, not just on art and philosophy, but programming and math, chemistry, and some fun books.  I did pick up D. Clarence Snyders the Cookie Caper, and that will be my next book when I’m done with Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces.    I wanted to do the National Novel Writing Month thing this year, but work and a side project ended up stopping me.  I still want to write (more) novels, but that will have to be in due time.  When this side project ends, I will find a way to free up some time.  Actually, I would rather spend the free time drawing more strips, getting me closer to the goal of being more confident and comfortable with Synthetic Wisdom.  Digital is alot easier, and coloring is much better.  The text and bubbles though.. Clip Studio Paint Pro makes text difficult.  I don’t want to spend the money for the Extra Special version which will allow me to write from left to right, so in the meantime, you get text and its bubbles made in MS paint.  I’ll find a way to fix that soon.

Everything is soon.  From Justice to another random installment of this comic.  Also I can feel more confident and do more creative things.  It will be easier especially as my bank account is drained for the next two years with Invisalign.  There’s a chance I lose a 1st Molar which is still a baby tooth, so then the price of the implant with is about Five Thousand Dollars American will ensure I will be financially compromised.  Without money, no Western woman would want to be with me, so I have MORE time to focus on getting better at art, finishing up my programming lessons, and learning Calculus.  The shitty thing about being a white male in America is if you don’t have any money, all you have is your self, so you better find out you or the self is all you need.  Its all you have.  Maybe I’m not meant to find happiness or love, it’s ok, I have my connection to my God, the wonderful Adonai, and some comic strips that I created whilst I was alive.  If I squeeze another book out that would be good too.

What about screen plays or shows that I would like to write, maybe.  I have a few ideas, thought experiments more than get rich quick schemes.  Of a truth I still would like to reform the Church, maybe I will get the confidence for that.  I wrote about what Tikkun Olam would comprise on voat.co and reddit, but I am not supposed to promote it.  First let the bots find it, then as the world continues to fall apart, a new way will develop.  Something that is palpable, something that could be appropriate for this new age we live in.  We need new standards and the church is the only organization that is capable of doing so, once it gets rid or properly understands scripture.  Man is ready for something new.  That is what my Rabbi believed.  I don’t believe in prophecy, it has value, but not in telling us whats going to happen, but rather warning us about patterns that need to be stopped.


Mankind is on the verge of an awakening, but is night time.  And so many agencies keep us in this eternal darkness because it gives them power.  Their strength is waning, they know this.  This is why false flags and other events happen.  To keep us afraid.  I am very afraid, which is why my comic strip is all I can really do to help out.  Does it help?  It helps me get over my past so that I may face my shadow truths.  How does it do that?  That’s the power of creativity.  After that its finding discipline in something “real” like math and programming.  How to build a better tomorrow.  I don’t have all the answers,  I don’t want them.  I want the right people to do the right job.  If ever I ran for office that would be my main platform.  Find your own happiness.  Life is much to short to suffer needlessly.