Just a quick update, I hope this means more is on the way.  I realize its been quite a while since a new comic or a post.  I will probably be adding more posts as time goes by, what will be posted?  Since I have a place to dump my political stuff, this can be more creative.  I’m gearing up for November, wherein hopefully I can complete another novel.  I was thinking about re-editing Bane and then republishing it as a 2nd (and better) edition.  It all depends on how much time I can allocate for these things.  The main goal is waking up earlier.  Meditation, Yoga, and working out, all within an hour.  Increase my Spanish vocab, and try to become fluent in it, or at least more comfortable with it.  It’s a shame I’ve living here in the south this long and its not my second language.

There was a time I wanted to learn Hebrew, and now after a long period of time of painful conversion that isn’t successful (I would have to give up a large portion of individuality and I would lose much of my speech),  mindfulness meditation seems to help out a lot more.  My overall goal is to get back to drawing Synthetic Wisdom, which is my (failed) pledge to God, that force which created me.  It’s funny, I ask God for a comic, I get one.  I ask God for a woman, and I don’t meet one.  On that note, I’m just not giving up the insane feeling that I was supposed to meet an Israeli woman, now that I know it was a trick and a play on my insecurities (as a Millennial, I am filled with cowardice, fear and self loathing) from believing the lies of the age of marketing.   Growing up in America has taught me that “Madison Avenue” had no solutions to my problems.  All they wanted was empty and broken consumers, just like any corrupt governing body, be it the Rep/Dem identity politics, or an Abrahamic religion, nearly all of it is lies.  People making things up, then tricking another to believe them, then coercing those looking for guidance into servitude.  It’s sickening really.


Oh yeah, no politics, not here.  That’s for another venue.  I have lots of dreamz for Schwofield, still out of reach.  It would be neat if I could have an entertainment section, then start consolidating a lot of the new media outlets.  I wouldn’t want to make money off that, but keep it transparent and easy to fund the new era of journalists.  I also want the comments to never be censored.  I’m not a big fan of censorship, but I don’t have the money to anything like that.  Entertainment would be the best way to fun the truth.  Just like the comics were used to help boost newspaper sales.  I would also like to get moving pictures on here as well, but that takes a bit more testosterone than I currently have.  I also believe in honesty, to a great fault.  I am a human being and not a bot, and I suffer from sadness of a world thats been “sold out” much like the other millennials, I have an idea on what do to about it, and how to fight back, but as it stands I am alone where I am at, and not many around me in my area are in any position to help out.  Everyone asks me what I want to do about the state of the world, and right now the answer is communication.  The IDEAL would be voat.co/v/TikkunOlam, but that time is not here yet.  I have to make it happen.  I have to make man things happen.  No young woman in her right mind would want to be with a philosopher(mystic) in my state, I barely want to be around me.  I’m not alone in this; and acceptance is the key to self improvement.  That and honesty.

It’s all about honesty.  This is a place where I can be honest.  I’m still afraid to draw more comics, and the only way to get over that fear is to draw.  Own up to my desires and start patterns of growth.  Once I “save” myself, then helping others is the natural second.  Sometime after I am “saved” someone special will come into my life.  Even if I tell that young woman I am crushing on that she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, “love” is not enough.  She needs someone who is strong and capable.  Not weak and cowardly.  Like many young men in the “Western” world I am still afraid to take a punch; to fight.  It’s not about violence, it never was.  It’s about realizing that only one person can fight my battles: me.

New eras begin all the time.  It’s only a matter of time before I transition out of the old ways and into the new.