On the internet things disappear if they are forgotten.  I was first a writer, but that is hardest to accept.  A cartoonist I’ve always wanted to be, but as a man of spirit, I am guided towards other things for a time.  Just as well, as each attempt at a strip (there are quite a few between the last one and now) is a painful step closer  to the goal of completing one again.  Each strip has become a mountain, and as a living weak coward, all I can do is become overwhelmed by the “simple” task at hand.

Is this a defect of character?  Such as the lack of exercise will atrophy the body as well as the mind.  Even worse than a poor diet, physical stress or lack thereof will cause madness and decay.  Woe unto those who force a sedentary lifestyle to benefit from strife.  In my country the existential stress grows daily as new conflicts arise and old ones are never properly laid to rest.  Now wonder we have so many “restless spirits”.

I’ve never once been able to consider a creative life because here, a search for something became more important.  Maybe it was Tikkun Olam that I had found.  Perhaps my dreams and unfinished projects that acted as guides had given me this and is telling me it is time to leave again.   Already my spiritual life had been about abandonment in order to find Adonai.  Now that I had found him, what was I to do?  I also wanted a lover, but I was not to come before her a success in any way other than spiritual.  Perhaps to hide, or moreso to justify that my apparent cowardice was a way for me to make my way through the inner darkness.

All men have this in common.  What are its layers? What is common to all?  Who knows the answer to these questions?  The darkness itself and that which created it.  The creator and the first.  The darkness that came after the light was the first layer, the one which the foundation the psyche could be displayed.  For some reason, our mind has to create light without moving, in order to move in a direction.

Have I found something unique?  I hope not.  It is the path to the light and healing that all men are capable of.  There are systems in place that make money and create barriers because healthy people don’t pay the bills.  There are many reasons why medicine exists, but if its being used to further divide a person than it cannot in good faith be called a medicine anymore.  There is a saying what is good for the goose is also good for the gander, which is useful for a tailor, or a craftsmen that builds machines to aid humanity.   In helping the minds, communication is the gateway to healing.  As it stands there exist many agencies that undermine free speech under the guise of secrecy, when of a truth in the heart of every man is a tyrant, but not every man is in a position to know what that truly means without ever understanding it.  That means no matter how much you tell them, their position will like the ego of a person trying to meditate.

There is no try, only do.   When and how those in charge arrive at that is always up to the people.  Never through violence, but questioning, and allowing to question.  Never stop the quest for the Truth.  Not ever man is meant to walk that path, but when citizens are forbidden to know the great things for too long, there is price to pay.  So many plans can be diffused, simply by questioning.  Let the guilty explain their reasons, and upon the last word they will finally hear the same chorus as the people.  For the once rule, it will be too late, they cannot return.

Back to art, the week is passing by, and I am gearing myself up to start drawing again.  Its the stepping stone of discipline and what my heart wants, yadda yadda yadda, but I still have to do it.  Is this whining and complaining?  Yes.  It is also a release of sorts.  For the internet?  You and I obviously have different understanding of what the internet is, nor do you understand what age we live in.  I am writing to someone or something.  I am writing for Adonai.  Do you know Him?  No, not the God of Israel, that is not Adonai.  They have no need for him now the people who say they are Jews are full of emptiness.

As a philosopher its easier to “feel” gods everywhere I go.  There is nothing supernatural.  Its the collective ego of that locality.  Who runs is, most of the time, and I am guilty as well, we allow other gods of infiltrate what should be a place where no god should exist.  Afterall, who said you were naked?  I really love that line from Bresheit, its more powerful than “know thyself” which is also important.  Incredibly important, its the foundation in which we build our inner structure.  Just as our muscles are built around our bones, our body is built around our spirit.  It seems this way, because we spend a great deal of time trying to combine the two.  Our heads are sometimes found in other places besides our shoulders.

There is a time for joy and merriment, and sorrow.  Currently I have been able to blend mine together the ongoing Day of Depression.  Its a useful tool, even moreso in those who find courage to change to what their heart truly desires, should they find it.  If you are going to be sad, seek your heart, even walking towards your love, will give you a different drum to beat the rhythm of life too.  You’re own life.  In a way, depression is freedom.  You are free to roam entirely inward.  You have been forced to become a philosopher.  Most of our anxiety is dealing with the residue of how the world is being run.  We are free, yet we are shackled by certain “sacrifices” to remain free.  Some choose to sacrifice more, but not all of those have the best intentions.  This is why a standing military with an infinite budget cannot stand still.  It must be moving.  An economy was based loosely on it, but the lions share of the rule of a small portion of individuals is coming to an end.

How its ending is up to humanity currently.  This is why the current populations are being replaced, and a people is given more land.  Not every human is the right hand of justice, this is why a military was created, initially, to remain neutral, but in America it can be seen as biting the hand that feeds it.  A Leviathan of fear has enveloped the largest and most powerful military, it is no longer able to control itself.  It has allowed foreign agencies acting under the guise of intelligence to act as Interlopers.  There is no retiring from this endless conflict.  Not even at home, at home a new kind of chaos exists.

America has given birth to two daughters, one is a terror upon the land that which also holds a knife to its throat, another that his infiltrated the hearts and the minds, causing them to accept the first daughters rule.  A new generation seems to be waking up and questioning again.  The old guard always has a chance for repentance, as I would expect for myself as well.  None of my sins are as grievous as what has been committed, but my cowardice to do anything more than writing these essays and trying to draw, and trying also to find out if Love is real.  I felt I could find it in the Temple, but I did not, I only found the same silence that existed in the church, in the stores, and in the halls of the government.  The sound of a silent chaos upon the loudspeakers speaking of dualities that didn’t exist, creating fears and worries, all to hide what they wished to remain hidden.  Was it incompetence, or something more?

Nearly every single citizen is under complete surveillance by so many different entities, both on and off the internet, only a select few have earned the right to privacy because they understand how the system works.  Some of them are good, like the patriots, and some are of them humanity can label as the enemy, which is the Interloper.  The patriots of any land would not allow any foreign entity to take precedence over the people, not even in ideas to bleed them dry for the sake of control.

The situation has become more dire than they realize.  Credibility for anyone associated with any clandestine agency can be seen as dubious with the intent to further confuse.  If a former agent spoke against their own agency, they would no longer be allowed to live.  This involves exposing misdeeds and intents as well relationships to other agencies.  After a day of light, where nothing is secret, another day can begin.  Spies would have to be recalled as their patriotism to their host nation would be tested upon their return.  A simple choice is made afterwards, to stay or leave.

The next day will begin anew, as resources can now be used to help the new and more freerer, Patriot driven America (as well as other countries and their patriots) towards the next step.

What is this next step?  Currently humanity has no guiding light or principle.  That is changing, as my generation and the the ones after are realizing the power of what they are inheriting.  The idea of borders will become meaningless politically, but everything culturally when humanity finds that new focus.  Our ancestors always looked to the stars, so too are the generations coming up.  Humanity is evolving and getting ready to release a great deal of “evil” with very little effort.

Open communication and intelligence, as well as artificial intelligence are the best resources available, and those that cannot innovate are tasked to fabricate and reduce.  The chatter on the ‘net talks about Israel being the true technology hub.  That would make sense due to many factors, many of which are financial.  It seems the ruling class has found a way to squeeze blood from stones afterall.  Who paid the lions share of that sacrifice?  Who told them they had to?  Who forced that sacrifice upon the world?  Poor people cannot, nor can any member of the non-ruling class, which happens to share “royal” blood.

Humanity is the beginning of a renaissance and wisdom looks like it is coming back.  Not just in the form of philosophy, but in the form of wanting to understand more things.  They also want to understand themselves, but for many people that is better when they are searching for that which their heart desires most.  There is also a people that currently exist which have given up entirely.  They are a dying breed, a remnant of our former selves, when we needed to be ruled by another.  Humans give up when they no longer see a reason to continue.

Coming to end of the practice of encouraging and profiting off people giving up their humanity(misery) in order to exist like empty shells.  If anyone of them could listen, they would know they can understand some things better than others.

In the meantime, I am making Challah.  A sacrifice that I can afford that I also deem acceptable.  Money I do not like, I see it as a necessary evil, but it seems that if you have too much or access to too much a terrible madness occurs.  I don’t know if that is because of the currency, or because the god associate with american currency demanded quite a sacrifice to be in its position.

Baking, cooking, and smoking in general has all been a spiritual ritual.  Perhaps the most important as it accompanies the nourishment of our body.  We should take much more care and diligence as to what happens to our bodies, afterall it houses important microbes and bacteria that keep us alive!  Our mind and our bodies are precious and crucial to our own existence.  The two halves of what it means to be.

They are at war, yet they are together.  Those who get these forces to work in concert seem to be happiest, especially when your awareness grows to that moment in which you know.

My hand hurts and I’m getting tired.  I hope I get to update you with some “funnier” content.

Good luck and success on all your endeavours!