Fightin’ some anxieties.  I want to do this, but it’s a struggle.  This is of course is a placeholder.  I have some work to do, as well as step away from todays sketch before I go mad.  I’m still a hobbyist when it comes to being creative.  Lotta shame and sadness attached to this mental aspect.  I paired this to my spirituality, which is now bound to Torah, almost in its entirety. I figured the contract the first rabbi would have created would be the best way to connect with the source of reality.  I inadvertently found the God of the Hebrews and felt like I have found something I have been looking for.  I am not perfect.  Look at me now, I struggle to uphold so many things I am forced to put some down for a time.

I am always looking for the best Torah, because it seems translation is again an issue I face.  It makes learning Hebrew a lot harder than it needs to be.  Mystics make the best rabbis, hands down.  Mystics are not perfect either, no one is, or can be.   Yikes, this is a long placeholder.  Oh well, I’m in control of this website and no one else, muwahahahahahahahaha!  Freedom!


Ok, I have something good bubbling in the works.  I have been called away on business, but I will try to return before Temple so I can finish it.