I will have to take today off from the comic as well. Some sickness has entered my life, and I’m a bit stressed from work.  Nothing seems like its making any difference, and I don’t see a future in this.  All I see is frustration and loneliness.  I tried going to the temple, but I found nothing but disdain and fear there.

With churches, its a nonstop battle to bring them the truth about their own fate.  So many truths in Genesis, yet some translations take too many liberties that have caused so much pain.

This is all part of it.  Me wanting to be Jewish, and the Jews not wanting anything else but more power and destruction.  The members who are not in the know, act like church members, sedated.

So much doubt, anxieties. I understand why I am here.  It just sucks being alive sometimes.  Love is something I am not supposed to have, but friendship is something I can have and understand.

I’m having a hard time typing right now.  I must rest.  This has been a week of failure starting off with Shabbat, and it will continue with it.   I was lied to about the Sabbath, yet I go anyway because I need a sanctuary from all this.  People my age dont like being around me unless they spend a lot of time with me.

What a strange dystonia world we live in.  It’s sad for me, because other sacrifice what they can, and I… wanted to get as close to the creator of all things.  Did I accomplish this?

Good luck forces of light and good.  You will triumph.