I will ignore the title and say I will try to work on my letters a bit more.  I tend to speed up due to time constraints.  Like now, I have to quickly work out then head out to try to get a program I didn’t write to work the way its supposed to.  Their support is expensive and is unable to actually help.  I’m sure theres a solution in node or php that is staring me in the face.

I’ll look into node later on this week.  I have projects I want to be made, and they seem simple.  This is also why I have anxieties about taking over.  I understand a lot of what I need to do, when companies fail to deliver my confidence in the entire tech industry falters and thus I start to question the overall system.

There are many projects I’d like to do, but I lack the confidence to them.  Look at my comic.  There is not a lot of confidence in doing something I love.  How much more would it be in something I do not love?

I can’t even be confident in my love in finding the Torah, because of how the people treat me.  I am not innocent, and at times I can brash and hard, but when I speak of Truth and Order, they turn off.  They are full of something else.

Only in a few places may I speak about and against Chaos.  If I speak about it, I must take care not to worship it.  If I am against it too much, I shall suffer.  There is another time and place for this.  As for now, good luck and success in all of your projects!