Today’s comic will be up later today.  Maybe around noon.  I had a really late last night.  Played some of the new Gears of War.. writing is horrible, and game play feels a little stiff, but then again it’s been a year or so since I’ve play the last travesty of a game.

Afterwards, it was a board game: Legendary Encounters.  Not bad, took us two hours to set up mainly because the cards were printed in a random order and we had to figure out the best way to organize them.  If we knew what were looking for, we would have probably saved an hour.

Oh well, it was interesting and we won our first encounter with some predator aliens.  We want to try multiplayer next, where its predators versus humans.  Not a bad game.  I’m just not a night person anymore.  I used to be.. now I love the daytime, I just wish I had more young people around me that were day people.
Such is life.  I’ll see ya later today with a comical strip!