I brought my T square, but apparently not my art supplies.  I’m just now learning how to do what I love, and what happens is that after the first week, my schedule gets thrown around.  Thanksgiving is probably the only time I would allow it.  Not because its a national holiday, but its a holiday that is centered around food and family.  There is no state sponsored anything behind it besides the food/card industry.  More Holidays like that are needed.

Christmas should be changed entirely to seven days of rest and feasting.  You see, here in my country we are forced to bow down before Mammon (once again) in order to stay alive.  In all of our temples and churches a black guard walks around invisible looking for malcontents.    They are then the result of human and algorthimic assault.  It doesn’t need to be violent, just the threat of it.  Our movies are full of it.  Propaganda can be used for good, but instead its being used to fleece the populace for everything they have.

Our medical industry demands blood sacrifice in the Flexnor Report.  Now we have state protected merchants of death whose only responsibility is fiduciary.  If you can afford it, you live.  If you cannot, then you become a debt-slave.  In normal circumstances you would be to recover, but those at the top did not want you have the same fire they did, so they toppled governments all over the world and caused the people to run towards them.

The toppled governments had dictators and tyrants installed, because the goal was to sacrifice as many people as possible to the same altar of wealth and power and chaos.  There is talk of even more happening behind the scenes, but those that supported the system have unwittingly allowed a greater evil to enter the world.

Was it the monster of boredom?  Such as to a true lover of wisdom, all thoughts are equal, a good and decent man would say I wish not to entertain these thoughts.  It could be anything, but it is the result of complete freedom.  To move forward?  Or to move backwards keeping only certain gods alive and well-fed.

Inside of man is a raised platform of many altars.  What he thinks he allows in his heart to create one or as many altars as needed.  Here no other man may ever look, only what man manifests can be made known.

Since the God of Gods created you, your heart, your mind, and the ability to choose a “deity” or flavor, or a thought-pattern for worship.  This wasn’t created as a test where you pass or fail, it was made so you do what you want to do: free-will.

There are some rules, but the only way we know them is that a man who we never met passed them down, as warnings to try and curb certain behaviors.  Rules were meant to be instructions from the past.  Which is why they need to be flexible with the times.

If a law was just it would have no need to be removed.  If it is unjust, then it must be removed, for that is a seed of corruption.  If a judge is just he is praised, but if he is unjust he can no longer a judge, but a lover of Chaos.  It is a dangerous thing to hold the people in contempt for anything other than the Truth.  Justice can only be served if the Truth is known, or as close to as possible, which is how leaders get overthrown.

What do you worship in your hearts?  Usually whatever your fathers have loved.  If you have no father, then you follow your leader.  If your leader loves Chaos like the Deep State, then so do the poor and fatherless of the nation.

At some point I will talk about the Major and Minor Gods of Man, but now now.  For I must leave.  I shall return.


Good luck and success on all of your projects IF you of the light of truth. (good guys)