Strange things happen when veils are lifted.  At first, one sees a horror and a beauty rolled in one, then as one must comes to terms with the truth, the attention is brought inward.  Why? Acceptance.  Is this the same as understanding?  Of course not.  Understanding is an awkward hedge full of pits, vipers, and thorns.  Once it is breached, you either continue on towards something, or you move in parallel with where you’ve been.

This may portend to fear.  That old chestnut.  That old so and so.  That things which keeps man from His destiny.  His true destiny is found here as well, but only if the individual is willing to listen to that still voice within.  God would want us to realize our own existence first, then praise reality by making it better for all.  The search for the Great Harmonious Movement.  Itself perfection, but the results are far from, unless you enjoy “a little” wabi sabi.

This result you do not want me to guarantee.  This would be up to each individual, and as a philosopher-mystic at times, I have to pretend that my vision of ultimate darkness is the worst thing ever in hopes that certain parts in full are made manifest.  This doesn’t stop me from making this the existential map of what state mankind desires to be in.

Right now, a grand host sits on a throne in a country that has no real power but is feared.  This false power is so great, that the weight it bears upon the people is far worse than they are told.  There are no secrets, there is only the temporarily concealed.  All things can be revealed.  Which veils to lift?

This discussion is occurring right now.  Perhaps the once clandestine champions of the past are forced to come to terms with its own reality.  So not only does it allow a certain discussion to be held, there is a way in which to refine it to distill only the most necessary.  This is the reason for the false news.

In my land, there haven psychological operations carried out on the populace by military, private, and corporate/foreign interest to try to dull and contain a growing chaos in this world.  The sheer amount of money can never be truly realized, and the black market, which also provided funding for its protectors to assail the populace(world).

Under normal circumstances I could ascertain the correct amount of Chaos that has been created, however, the advent of the filter bubble applied with fake news a great crime against humanity has occurred: state run propaganda has been equated as a truth, or the franchised citizens loyalty.

This kind of carpet bomb closing of the Sephirot, does not bode well at all.  Taking away another free will, or the attempt to, is considered a highly unethical and immoral attack.  If it were possible, this would constitute an attack on the God of Gods, and thus a counterbalance would have to occur.

Each man has been and always will be responsible for his own action, which is why we must take care, not in the court of that which created it all, but the court of man.  One of the holiest seats in the first temple of man.  The ability to establish and rule over his fellow man, thinking himself a God, immune to his own nature.

This same nature of corruption is the same in all men.  The extent is of course up to the individual, but those that seek Chaos probably don’t like reading this or my comic.

I like Order and balance.  Chaos is necessary, but the forces that propel it are the ones we have power over.    The Soul would probably be thought to be one of the Greatest Orders of Godliness, but instead it is a seed of the great perpetual Chaos worship, that hopefully doesn’t end the way I think it does.  We have to search for the great order to understand the plan we wish to follow.

Chaos isn’t a bad thing.  Chaos is necessary.  As the individual comes to terms with the desires within, the power to create and destroy them at will is gained shortly thereafter.  The Ego to me would be closest Chaos trying to be something its not.  It is Chaos masquerading as Order.  This is what hinders the Messianic Age.  A generation who listens becomes the True Light of Order repairing the world in the fashioned so designed by the Grand Architect Itself.

Then as time must progress onward the next age afterwards would be a buffer against that which destroys.  You do the best you can with what you have available.  All other things must be discarded in order to accomplish the task at hand.  Freeing the self.  Regaining ones own identity and power.  I trust the Adonai and the Grace of Hashem that anything or one that seeks after Him will receive the reward.  Asking the correct question is all that matters at times.


I wanted this to be quick, but well, look at this.  Even now I keep typing.  Any day where I get to smoke meat for my family is a great day.  If I could have my own church, the entire day meat and vegetables would be smoked, so food could by eaten all weekend.  Projects would get done, sports would be watched, skills would be taught to children, it is a moment when the community would reinvest in itself.  I would still have room for solitary prayer but there are much better ways to accomplish that.

I really should go, so I will.  Work tomorrow.  Good luck and success on all your projects!