I would have had this comic up sooner, but I was only a few levels away from a key passive trait for my shadow character in, you guessed it, path of exile.  I shall refrain from talking about the game because thanks to the internet there is no need for my opinion on such a matter, it speaks for itself.  I needed a little break from Minecraft, now I have to find the next feed the beast mod that has what I need.  I would still be playing, but, when that assembly chamber was nerfed  I felt as if all progress had stopped.  Since then I’ve lost about 4 quarries (with energy/item tesseracts) because I didn’t way point them.  I became lazy, and now this slothful attitude has cost me resources (that thanks to my mass fabricator I can reclaim) but the principle remains the same, I don’t like to waste anything but time.

Tomorrow, my friend and I are going to attempt oils for the first time.  I have an idea with a large enough canvas to convey it.  It’s something I sketched on my final day during my Mother Cabrini days.  I didn’t go up there to be inspired, but drinking a much too sweet hot chocolate reflecting on my life and my thoughts/feelings and those I’ve come in contact with made it happen.  The result will be, well I don’t want to speculate.  I just want to get over my quick appointment in the morning and then delve into a new medium then try a new idea I’ve been mulling over for a few days.  Havock84, of EQ Crowd fame, and I have been talking about this next step for a while now.  So for now I will shut up about it and get it going. I like watching his career starting off, he gets to see a much more immediate result than my work here, to be fair though, he also chose to go after an already established fan base and then started stirring the pot.  I on the the other hand, am stirring an empty pot.

It’s for me to convey the stories I want to tell, my mind rushes too much for me to enjoy it.  I don’t even know if my eight comics are funny/well written, I don’t even know if that should matter at this point.  I love making these, but I am still very frustrated at the output.  They are the best I could do at the time, which makes me feel accomplished, but my frustration isn’t allowing me the impetus to use my art books as the valuable research they are.  It’s my fault for having an ego this large for such a bad talent (but it can be improved).  Right now, I am under the belief that if I continue in this manner then I HAVE to improve.  These books and reference guides are not the sole path to improyouvement, but they are just tools to help illuminate the path ahead.   They don’t, and no book can, or ever, will be the sole guide to any individual life save for the one the made it.  Like an ignorant mor0n I choose to ignore the literary artistic advice given to me.  I just listen to that voice(s) inside that guide me to the next step.  Perhaps the frustration and love experienced by each strip will lead to some kind of personal revelation that would lead to an evolution that needs to occur.

Where then does this new found sense of personal power lead to?  Well, I still contain a lot of worry over my car and my mental health, especially now as Lemon Chef Smoke I must take care of all meats during important meals, such as the American government appointed Thanksgiving.  Which to me is the holiest of the holidays because it is the most real.  It did not need any corporate propaganda in order to keep it afloat (although black Friday is a national disgrace, which is an apt metaphor :(  ), it rests on a fulcrum of fuzzy history, but its creation was towards the people, so they can rest and forgive the government as they forgive each other.  Winter is ahead, and the time for change is the spring Spring, whose passion ignites the fiery heat of summer.  The cool northern wind of reason prevails and lowers the temperature to that of forgiveness and then stagnation that must prevail.  We are as bound to the seasons as the Earth is.

Another reason why it eases the American populace is (aside from the blackest of fridays) free from cards, gifts, and pretense.  It is a come as you are, come as you can affair that brings stressed out families together to fulfill the basest of needs: food.  All are worthy to eat on that day, as every other day the holy sacrifices are as bitter as the gall still being distributed by the churches and the higher vestiges of governing bodies.  The latter of course is not bound by any duty, except by its own collective sense of morality of rule, so they are allowed to operate without any transparency nor any actual respect towards anything other than its own collective sense of power.  The Church on the other hand cannot lie in order to rule.  It must reign over and guide those who flock to the Light.  There is no worship of anything that is not tangible.  That which created us and allowed such strange and wonderful times, also allowed a church to exist alongside those who rule from the shadows.  I would not be surprised at all if they even created an international force of assassins to work in tandem with the media in order to keep their grip on humanities desires.

Whenever I speak to any holy man I hear Paul’s voice vomiting up pieces of the Old Testament laying traps for others.  I have yet to meet any Preacher, Priest, or Pastor who does not lay traps to get you to attend his sermon or help out.  Using the fear of the Old Testament or the bile from apostles they preach about good and evil, yet they cannot see what is needed to ease the people who attend the church, there is a reason why people show up every Sunday.  How long will the church preach about salvation but deny enlightenment?  I do have faith in the new Pope, and hope that he helps the Universal Faith and Catholic Church actually come to some kind of happy medium.  Or the Church becomes the faith, but I think that ruins the internal synergy that is possible.

Though Israel will be my love, and Judah shall have my heart, I will always be fond of the Catholic Church in the hopes that the organization realizes the gravity of the situation.  It is fractured and now its started to realize what the Enemy is, and how to “stop” it.  If you think I am talking about the devil, or codename Lucifer, or the made up and miss used term antichrist, then stop right there!  I am speaking now about the motives behind those that rule the world and those that rule the Church.  I refuse to say which one is right and which is wrong, because that is not my call, it’s easy for me to say population control is evil, but then again, I am not one of the Kings of the Earth (Or princes if you want), I am on the lowest end of the spectrum, doomed to poverty, saved by obscurity, and blessed by some kind of desire to speak out in my many ways (comic and post), oh and am cursed yet liberated to be alone.  To let my Christian side show for a moment, God wants me to be alone because of all the others I have met not a single American Christian or Atheist woman should not be exposed to my thoughts.  That is why I am glad no other mystic likes me, I can’t go to church because I would rip apart the sermon, and I can’t go to college because no time/money/energy, and I don’t want to strain my car in the position it is already in.  Only by the grace of God could my car live this long under my watch.

I’m so focused on the Truth and what the Light means, I can barely take care of myself.  I tell myself it’s supposed to be this way.


“Sorry Boys – I Feel Life”