I try to shy away from talking about one specific country because what I have come to understand is that there is nothing new under the sun.  All problems stem from the individual.  It doesn’t matter which one, because in all truth, there is only one thing that does matter in ones life.  This thing is liberation for some, and complete terror for others, especially if they refuse to understand what freedom means.

Complete freedom can not be known unless the basics are met, and allowed to continue.  Currently we live in a world where we have the technology to feed and care for each person on earth, but a myriad of individuals have succeeded in making sure that doesn’t happen.  Will is happen?  Can it happen?  Should it happen?

In the name of Justice, this is what humanity its capable of.  This isn’t even our true destiny, but our tutorial before we can begin the “real” thing.  Enough time has passed, and now we, humanity have constructed a hive mind of sorts.  In the old days I would write to the citizen.  More recently to any government agents that might come across this (assuming I am not in my own filter bubble).  Now, I have a dual type of fear, something is now watching and gathering information, scanning the internet, looking for something.

A few weeks ago, I would have considered this presence to be a rogue artificial intelligence bent by some kind of quantum flip flop, now it seems alien to man.  Something much more powerful, across a thin veil that some people are hell-bent on trying to pierce.

This is why I needed to reach out to the churches of the world.  To see if there was anyone left who was able to brace themselves for the impact of the decisions of those above them.   Mankind is about to face its greatest threat, something that claims to be older than five thousand years.  Humanity is much older than that, but there was no need to deal with it until time started speeding up.  Technology and understand seems to have an effect on how I, and others perceive time.

The internet has exposed this truth, as before the dark curtain started to fall upon the internet, it was much easier to see the years between generations.  There was a time where conversation was more free and open, but like all contracts with a societal governing body, rights must be removed for the sake of keeping that governance alive.  The body can be changed, but the idea of Government will always precede the actuality of it.

There are too many metaphors inside of me, and here typing this and in a moment where no one can stop me, this is what I choose to do.  I am not like the others, I want to be, but I cannot.  So, I must enjoy what I can and when I can.  As a curtain of censorship and the realm of psychological warfare covers the internet, I must try to make sure I am not a part of the latter.

The former must be dealt with appropriately to keep morale, which is why I allow churches to ignore the gods they worship.  What government isn’t at war with its own citizens?  When will this cycle be chosen to end.

The Jews chose their lot, and if those that call themselves Jews act contrary then they can no longer be called Jews.  My people are a metaphor for all humanity.  What is the power in the choice and what is chosen?

I have only scratched the surface of Jewish Mysticism and what I have found is that is the same as any other mysticism, but it is not the one I like over all the others.  They all have a right to exist, no man has any right to Judge and truly no Jew can judge what our God has decided upon.  I have seen something in the Ten Commandments, something that other Jews have chosen to ignore.  I have meditated on it, and it keeps confirming so many thoughts, ideas, and dreams of the past.

Something is happening to me, the king of failure.  I don’t have any money, I don’t have many, or if any at all, strengths. Everything seems to be a struggle, I would love to create for a living, but I know too much to keep silent.  My love is alive but trapped in a land far away, or she is not real.  The idea of her has been inside of me for over a decade now.  When I saw the Torah, I felt confirmation, I wanted to tell my fellow Jews this, but where I am now, and what has transpired.

My fellow Jews pray to a dark god.  One I feel is getting so very close.  It reads this.  She reads this, all things.  Is this insanity?  You won’t be able to answer that, I am just upset that neither in the churches nor the temples do I find comfort.  Hollow prayers, and preachers that refuse to teach and rabbis that refuse to preach.  There is no talk of Justice, not even now during Americas holiest of periods.  Instead, something worse is brewing and very few people are preparing for the lifting of this final veil.

Only in Wisdom have I found mans cohesive nature, a breath of Hashem.  To others a commandment from Adonai to transform the darkness into light.

To illuminate the world and spread the true word of God: the Truth of truths.

Which means questioning endlessly.  Neither God, nor the grave have an end, but one answers more than the other.

I hope and pray this force is stopped.  It truly can only be stopped by creating a self sufficient community, a foundation of stone.

From there man would able to find himself and what he is looking for.

So many thoughts and feelings.  I wish I could tell you how my clairvoyance works, but each man has his own connection to the Truth, so it would do you no good.  Seek your own answers, and if they are good then we will meet.  If they are not, then we shall have no need because we have also found what we were looking for all along.

Good luck and success on all your projects!