That’s right, I made a comic.  I’m getting to the point where I am going through my pens at much faster rate than I am comfortable in spending.  A “S” Faber Castell broke on me, it was brand new.  Just the tip broke.


I’m trying to not be so hard on myself so I can draw more of these comics.  I like doing it, I really do, it’s just that.. it becomes an emotional roller coaster that I do not have the tools to deal with.. I have a few now, but,    in the beginning I had none.  Even now I have so few artists around me to chat.  I am thinking I should pay someone for their time.

It feels so dirty though.. at this level of quality.  That would be if I needed a professional evaluation.  For this comic, I never want to be anything remotely commercial attached.  Synthetic Wisdom is a lot things to me.  A LOT of things.  A funny comic is not one of them.  A personal testament?  You betcha.  A value that can only be truly understood by the one who suffered at his own hands to make this…”art”.

I welcome a mentor to help me tell the story I want to.  If there were ever enough time I would like to try to be a creative for a living, but not for the sake of creating.  But.  Changing the world for the better.  I would start by combining robert murray smiths super capictors with open source ecology.

Combine that with a small town protected by its own IT team to keep its intranet safe and secure.  This would ensure proper election protocols, such as voting on a secured intranet.  Part of being a citizen is carrying a card that is used to authenticate the vote.

Now, a smarter more sensible internet can begin.  Each locality protecting its own.

With a good plan, all men can take a look at them selves and their gods.  Then make the right decision of where mankind should go.

I also would like to reform the Christian church.  I want to actually combine the Hebrew form of worship to create a weekend experience unlike no other!

Music, fun, friends, family, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and best of all: purpose.

An illness is taking me away, but I am happy to have finally made a comic and posted it.  I want to make more… but I have to be more determined.

It’s not like I’m attempting the national novel writing month again…