Still in a weird funk, also work has picked up a great deal with issues.  The beginning of the madness it seems.  No wonder why some people try to live in the comfortable past instead of accepting the futility of the present.

One only has ones own mind now to gauge what is real and what has been altered for private gain(s).  It is creepy to live in a world whose true rulers are not the individual, but in existential entities that hide from the truth.  Not just any truth, but the Truth.

An unveiling is occurring.  The source of the unveiling has been tainted by so many forces of chaos.  Something is going 0n, humanity has been suppressed in different fashions, for what purpose?  Was it malice?  Would there then be a motive towards such grand movement?  Or wanton and reckless abandon to remain on top?

The concept of Justice will always be two fold, the first part being the easiest and the hardest.  This is finding yourself first. This is the cornerstone of freedom.  The second being, your neighbors security.

This truly ends at the outskirts of a city.  This is to keep each city its own, and thus resistant to outside influences.  How then does a state form?  The same way a city would have to made of people.

Removing perhaps the greatest threat to mankind(current) is accomplished by reclaiming ones own land by supporting all those who support it; and by careful but swift subtraction from the general population.  The better the preparation, the better results.

Self sufficiency shouldn’t just be for the body, but the mind and intellect as well.  This unites the spirit of the people towards a common goal of keeping each other alive.  Injustices like for-profit laws and other reckless abuse of powers will drain the respect and the morale of the individuals until the situation is so dire they demand a new government.

Any outside forces that try to intervene during this special period of unveiling will be removed and placed into the care of any standing armed forces.  Such as if a business was committing acts of fraud of any other societal destruction, the local law enforcement would keep that jurisdiction.

A litmus test for what is an outside force is anyone or thing that cannot be made fun of, or insulted.  The individual who is offended would immediately default to a violent response and has thus become a threat.  That person doesn’t need to be killed, just removed to a place where happiness or contentment would be.

If outside forces are trying to change a city, find the source of that influence and stop it.  Patching a leak is better than absorbing it with a sponge.

I wish you the best of luck and success on all of your projects.