I apologize for no Synthetic Wisdom this week.  After this I will post another Sans Merit.   This is not a good week for me mentally.  My country is falling apart, my temples here cannot offer anything but fear and terror; and the citizenry in my city has been conditioned to hate anything new.  For a while I was skeptical of a certain candidate being the planned opposition, now I am certain of it.  The people have been polarized into animals.  Never thinking, always acting on impulse.  Just pure reaction.  I am no different, but I try to put on the breaks.

There is no sanctuary left in the world.  Our states used to be our salvation from.  We are no longer allowed to have states or be individuals.  We cannot even be human any more.  Such a strong power exists, and even though there was something that created it, people will not stop in their drive to become God.  They want to decide who lives or dies.  They desire power.

This desire to be like God comes from Lilith, or the other side of Shekinah.  Lilith infiltrated the temple under the guise of a loving wife many years ago.  The people desired a king first, then a land.  They wanted to be like everyone else, and their God would not allow it.  So they chose another one.  They chose Lilith, who would give them a King, a Land, and power over the nonJews and Jew.

When the world falls apart She would keep them safe and in their land, behind their walls.

Is Lilith, or the Other, or Chaos capable of fulfilling that promise?

A friend asked me if ghosts were real, or demonic possessions, the world of supernatural.  Of a truth I have never witnessed anything supernatural (moving stars in the sky with nightvision shows me what the governments are really doing with their funds).  The rabbis in the past would ask that which created these supernatural events to protect them, because the God of all Things includes ghosts and goblins.

Let the scientists figure out what is going on, then we will see that the truest holy texts would parallel if they are found in concert with wisdom.  If not, well, who isn’t liying to the people for power or influence.

I don’t want to lie because of my relationship with Hashem.  It took over a decade to finally come to peace with what is going on inside of me. I also want to be able to (re)build good relationships because my government and big business interests(church of money/god) do not want good relationships between the people.  Their business depends on fear and sadness.

In America, our greatest enemy beyond our selves, is our unchecked business.  They write and pass legislation.  Our legislators have have money then 90% of the people, who are now incredibly poor.

No wonder why corrupt politicians allow the overthrow of foreign nations so that their investments can flourish, and the labor that comes here makes it so very little has to be spent on whatever the politician desires.

Any country that makes a move on America during this time will be destroyed.  Your people will rise up devour you.