I have found a personal solution that feels right to me.  To each his own, it has been said; as well as known.  That should be enough, to find my own personal freedom is no easy or light thing.  What community I feel more apart of than others is insignificant.  Birds fly with birds; and fish swim with fish.  When they combine one is becoming food for the other, but man can choose all things.  That is, IF I, or any one really, allow a complete moment of freedom.  For choice.  Even after being fascinated with the mystics of my hearts choice, my mind is also fascinated with the harmonious chaos that is the world around me.  Physics, chemistry, mitigation, even litigation of our various social constructs that we use to keep ourselves alive and content happy.

Contentment with a thing removes the challenge, or the reminder of the struggle of struggles.  Are you doing what YOU want to do, or what another wants YOU to do?.  An easy statement to read, yet we act as if any existential threat is greater than our physical reality.  We are conditioned not to trust in each other by organizations that NEED that trust in order to survive.  The rule of law.

Our direct rulers, are our beloved rulers.  My heart tells me there is an Israeli woman that has been searching for me.  Is she real?  No, but for me, I use that notion because it helps me, it comforts me only when it is needed most.  It doesn’t matter who I am, or where I am, what matters is that  I am trying to describe the existential nightmare that we live in.  It is nothing compared to what created not only it, but our selves first, then our “realization” occurred of our beloved, a person of the people, a representative in any fashion, be it a king, a certain woman, or a governing body that has no “king” or several kings.

A priori or the first notion is the individual existing. To a mystic is        the Creator.  Mysticism that leads to that has a specific route, because of the True A priori.

Why didn’t I start with the True a priori?  Because it is one of the unnecessary aspects of Truth to the common man.  It is necessary when Justice is being demanded from another source other source, like arbitration.  The case would be the military refusing orders and arresting those who cannot be arrested.  Unless there is a supernatural event occurring at the same time, there is no reason why anyone would want invade during a time like this, as the patriots would be on the highest sense of awareness.  It’s a dangerous time, but a healing time.

As of the supernatural, I do want to say this, whenever I go to where my love of loves congregates, I feel a great lie is being covered up.  This lie, I do not want to say what it is, not out of fear, but because it is not meant for this communication.

Freedom appears as the next notion is that you can do anything you want.  Complete freedom.  We were not born with shackles.  Some were born with illness due to the actions of others, this is one of the causes for why the the “day” of Justice is going to happen.  The citizens have the discussion they are allowed to have because the military listened to the people. To their own selves.

If a person is not for your organization, or your flag, or your god, then remove them.  By all means do not forcibly do so (unless they are violent), without having  a destination for release.  Both of their bodies “and their souls”.

All false gods all die without wealth, vanity, corruption, and followers.  To a philosopher(mystic) man may have come from one source, the           Creator, but while he is alive, he worships many gods or ideas in order to survive.

Science and math are gods, yes, but the pure logic and the recreation of the tools of our existence, are not true gods.  The truest pursuit of that is what engenders true passion towards Truth.  Even if its not acknowledged, those gods can lead the way in the same ways every other god depending on their reasons.

There is no perfection, no holiness, when it comes being against the source of such notions, or all notions, even this.

The third and final notion, is how deal with our other selves that exist in the causality we all share.  In the beginning we were curious.  That curiosity lead the development of consequences of our actions with ourselves and everything else.  This is where we allow a king to sit in a palace, or a captain, his ship.  This is also where we allow the true kings of man to have a rule greater than our own trusted rulers.

This is of course isn’t enough, so control of man took on a generation approach.  Conflicts are not just one time events.  They can have long lasting and (un)desirable outcomes.  Like a chess game, but more players, unless the pieces are used to represent metaphorical forces (see divining).

This is where justice comes into play.  Returning control back to the individual, so the individual can deal with restoring their own ruler because of their own wishes.  If a people were to witness this, they would take it back to their own land and restore it to their own level of freedom.

Trade and curiosity will move along with man as he explores the world around him.

It’s as easy as not believing in a God or any Gods, believe in your self which leads you to back the physical world by restoring Maslows hierarchy of needs (see open source ecology project).


Good luck and I wish you success with your projects.