If the quality has dropped, its because I’m entering into one of my depressive modes.  Every so often the lack of comfort in my country men takes its toll on me.  It’s just one big battle now.  Nearly every single encounter is turning into a fight.  I’ve given up ever finding anyone that can comfort me at least until the fall of the shadow government.  Even then, I, along with the rest of the world will have freedom restored.  The freedom to love again.

Me?  I’ve lived with state sponsored depression for over a decade and some change now.  All we have are the days under the sun, and the moment to enjoy them.  I’m someone who cannot enjoy moments because my mind will not stop.  This is how its supposed to be.

Some of us are blessedly normal.  Others, broken.

Just because we are broken doesn’t mean we are useless, it just means that we have to struggle more to keep our purpose, well keep a purpose, to keep the meaning of life going.

Thinking about my comic now makes me incredibly unhappy.  Not the comic, the struggle to make it.  Not having a good enough background or confidence in art has made the stories I want to tell harder to come out, and this stay inside and cause internal strife.

My background as a philosopher-mystic makes sure artists or other liberated creatives stay far away from me, so there is no collaboration.  No, my struggle, right now is to fight against the state of man every day to survive.  Just surviving isn’t enough anymore, so I create what and when I can.  I’ll come up with projects and ideas, but where I live, very few of them will come to fruition, because of where I live and who lives here.

As long as I am here, whoever asks me for freedom from a situation, I can make it reality.  It’s not me, its you who realize it, and its not from my power or words, but rather the power of wisdom.  Those that have a love of it, will understand how powerful and damning freedom can become.  It is liberating until you realize that the leaders of the world are against you, and that they have been against the enlightened masses for centuries.  The people have been weaponized by removing real education and replacing it with the war on words(sanity).

The God of the Hebrews has let me know that He will take care of this His people (indeed all are His people, but in the case of this sentence, its just to mean one group of people) based upon how they took care of their inheritance.  Since we, those who live outside that ivory tower, are not privy to the actual discussions, all we can do is be forced to eat the fruits of their labor.  Take heed nonJews because the Jews were never allowed to take away the rights of any man.  The moral of the story is work hard to take back your own land, because the stronger you make it now, the better chance it will last when a land occupied falls because of the actions of its leaders (generations of mistakes).

This isn’t even my decree, but something I found in my research to understand something that I fell in love with.  As of now, I have to fight my family and my fellow Jews for my own faith.  I rule my world with as much logic as I can, and I would end my own life before I pervert my or any justice because of my faith.  It’s something that I love, and I don’t want to share with anyone until the appropriate time.

Right now, neither I, nor my Father(the God of the Jews), are accepted into the synagogues on the High Holy Days, or any other day.  Right now, the Jews I have encountered have replaced their entire faith in the God that gave them freedom, with a God of Fear.  Which is the same God that the shadow government uses to keep its control of the people.  (Russia and China cannot afford to mobilize their militaries for any long term assaults.  They may find the capital, but their people will revolt because humanity is getting tired of fighting battles for princes and princess who have sold out their own people a loong time ago.)

The world is about to make some much needed changes so we can face the enemy of man, together.  I will feel like crap every day, and my fellow citizens will remind me that I am garbage, all because they are afraid to lift the veil.  I can’t wait till the shadow government falls, I am not a big fan of being ashamed of being alive, simply because some asshole I will never meet makes money and power off his fellow citizens engaged in a cold civil war with the citizens of the nation.

Make no mistake readers.  This country has never left its civil war.  It’s only been hidden until the shadow of man could find a way to make use of it.

This is why the internet is the last bastion of change before each country is tested.  If your government survives, that means your leaders were paying attention.

Here?  Not many of our leaders will survive that night.  What’s the golden rule for anyway?