I know these past couple of weeks the comic has been reiterating the concept of Justice over and over again.  It’s because I can only muster up enough inner support to create these when and where I do.  I am not sure of the time line, but sometime after I moved back to the swamps, I had asked Adonai, or Creation (however you want to approach such a thing) for a place like the one I found.  There was a french cafe, but I had strayed from caffeine unless I need to medically alter my perception of time.

I bring with me ginger to place in teas. This could be done in my home, but I spend far too much time here.  Alone in my home office.  A reoccurring theme in my employment.  At first I thought it was because I was selfish, but then sometime I realized that in doing what felt right, I might have just found out that a Creator of some cognizance of my own existence or something that felt outside of my own ability to perceive existed.  I could have summoned a tulpa too many times to have now bent the rules of synchronicity by seeing metaphors everywhere I go.

Such as planets seem to have a gravitational constant for a course, so does now reports of what is happening far behind this ivory tower.  Here I am imprisoned by existential shackles, doomed to hear reports of what is happening in the world around me.  This tower, this crown jewel of Babylon, is a strange city.  A very strange one.

It is here that I learned that I was no longer allowed to have feelings since the early days.  Childhood may have been rife with loving sarcasm, but there were rifts that developed in the family as we all struggled to understand what the 90s really were.  By the time we found out, it was over.

When we realized this, a physical attack on the land (or is this too a lie?) would not only strip away rights, but it would continue the assault on its own people just for being alive.

Existentialism is a powerful tool for those who want to free themselves.  Its easier to understand and free yourself from angst the closer you are to your humanity.  You are able to relax and experience the love that humanity is known for.  Love and ingenuity.

There was another attack, part of the generational warfare not just me and my own citizens were apart of, but the world as well.  Those that took leave of their humanity to help a small group of people block out the sun of truth and understand, so it could cast a dark shadow over the world.

Who around me does not speak of chaos?  Only when we want a better future do we speak of love.  When it comes to practice, Love is illegal.  Every kind of love is under attack, beyond making a dollar, but to control every aspect of a human, by someone who is deficient to the point this is the only love left.

Control is only made through rules, and the more local the rule, the more powerful the effect on the individual.

This is why when rules and control are governed by an existential force (the weakest of the areas of control), they are easily transferred to another when the fear becomes to great.  If its too great, then it defaults to the individual.

If the citizen or individual is broken or too fractured to call itself a human, then inner forces of control become the sole source of governance, regardless of any outer existential force.  This person is dangerous if the potential to do harm to others if the inner forces to do not witness any outer forces of love.  In this case, Justice.

How does a man become broken?  Was he born that way?  Was he or any of us born perfect?  Or just equal (in existence)?

A man is only broken by another.  Another man can try to help fix another, but it is up the individual to make that decision.

Ego death is path to fixing what is broken.  For some this has already been reached.

For others, it is a dream.

And for a few others, so it seems,  it is a surety, but they are experiencing it over several years.

Oh, you want the future of man?  His house must be able to be self-sustaining.  We have the technology, and with a good humane local mindset, anything can and will be grown, depending on what is needed.

A local network connection to his neighborhood will allow democracy to take precedence when it comes to local and larger issues.

Without any need for resources people can focus on helping out or doing what they love.  Follow their heart.

For me, it would be my comic, my books, my seecret cartoon project, all of my media events that educate and entertain.

But, I am ashamed of my art, and I am tired of seeking a kind of comfort that is now denied in a land where everything has a price and is being watched.

Philosophy is great.  Wisdom is the greatest tool mankind will ever wield.  It’s free and easy.  With it you can topple tyrants, erase gods, and create new and better forms of governing bodies.

Two easy books: Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.  They have nothing to do with the rest of the Old Testament.  Two small books, easy to real, easy to understand, and the more you read them, the more powerful you can become.

Stay away from Lilith and Jewish Mysticism though, unless you know what you are after; and it is not the self.

I fell in the love with the Torah and the Ten Commandments, and realize that it is not for everyone, which is great, because life would be boring if there were only one way to do things.  Since the temples have the same issues the church does, just another conduit for political propaganda, I have enough knowledge to have my own service.

Much to a few friends Chagrin, my intuition has told me something that I found was important to my “Jewish” identity.  My loyalty will be to whoever wants the truth, no matter the cost.  The patriots of my country are the best choice, and we are waiting for the moment when the final curtain falls.  Its only a matter of time.

Enemies of the Shadow Government and not the host country, how can you help?  Take back your own lands first.  Make local and state wide encryption a must.  Then let your citizens know everything that is going on and how they can prepare for the fall of the worst enemy of man we have ever faced.  This is a time for preparation and defense.

Know your locality as best as possible.  This is so you can root out spies and people who are not happy with citizens taking their own power back.  Keep a larger internet open for world wide communication.  This is important because not only do we need to trade ideas, but to communicate, tell jokes and laugh.

To keep your own state, expose as much information as possible, good and bad.  The main idea is that the entire past needs to be saved for human archives and standards.  These are the main goals of working together.

The people do not go to war with the people, its princes who go to war with princes.


over and over, track on repeat, theres something wrong with me.