There could be powerful truths hidden in this comic, or it could just be another sans merit.  I don’t know why I didn’t keep up with this comic as much as I should have.  I’m really starting to enjoy some of the characters.  Which reminds me, I didn’t name the Dancer, I’ll fix that later.

Sans Merit was made back in two thousand and three using mspaint.  Even though I made this, I never really clicked with the art crowd.  Still to this day most artists I meat tend to not like me too much.  I was a conservative back then, and a conservative now, not my political bend, but in the activities I find myself enjoying.  I can’t think of anyone I personally dislike or hate.  I’ve gotten in fights back in grade school, it seems hilarious now.  I wasn’t dangerous at all.  It was with only one kid.

He was like my arch nemesis for some reason.  Something must have happened or maybe I have repressed memories of abuse, who can say?  If I cannot, and no one else remembers, then it, like all facts (and it happens to them all) will eventually be forgotten.  Even during this end of the (Grand) Age of Corruption, and through the next age called the Day of Healing(and Justice!), and beyond the golden years of the next age, and further still away from this point in time, things will be forgotten.

Wisdom lives on forever, because it is a divine force shows us understanding so that we may better direct our own paths.  Thats why the here and now is so important.  It’s to take the realization that one is alive and expanding to that moment where one can control themselves and their actions by coming to terms with their ego, also known as boredom.

It was in the moment of idleness when the mind wanders.  Where it wanders to is up you, and sometimes it matters where and when its wandering from.  To gain understanding in anything is to gain wisdom in understanding how all things work, because each thing that has ever and will ever exist had a purpose.

You will go mad investigating some things for certain purposes for prolonged period of times.  This is cornerstone of control, because the more control you have and exercise, the more apt you become in patterns that you recognize.  Or, relativity.  The observer is always the most important thing, because without the observer witnessing their own actions (or being able to think of), the action would not have existed nor would it or anything else have mattered.

In a sense, we rely on photons bringing us world into small holes in our body, and other mediums as well, but for some reason sight seems like something people can agree on.  They would rather see, than not see.  No matter the metaphor involved.

In the light we see everything around us.  We read information brought to us by people who use light to see the world around them.  All are equal in this ability (unless of course situations dictate otherwise).  When we enter a room, without addressing the phenomenon that some people “sensing” or “feeling” others.  Anyone or anything could be in that room.

We match our previous state of the room to this new one and compare the two in order to quickly spot the difference.  Maybe nothing malicious has happened since you last left your safest of spaces, except due to a moment of careless disregard for Order, you left your shoe on the ground.

With the light off, you enter the room to grab something you forgot or need.  You didn’t know the shoe was there, but even a clean normal person makes mistakes, but it doesn’t matter.  The shoe trips you and you fall, causing even more Chaos than the one you created.

With the light on, you enter the room to grab an item, and not only do you avoid the shoe, but you take the time to put it away.  The rest of the room is now back in (correct) Order.

There is a lesson to be learned in this.  Lets say you made this shoe thing or another kind of careless moment, or a moment where your mind is on other things, existential or not, and this behaviour develops into a pattern, and this pattern then leads to tripping over the shoe for the final time and your life is over.

A bit dramatic, but when you turn on the light, you can see the hazard.  When you increase your understanding about what is in that room, then you can make better decisions.  Does this lead to perfection?  No, because even in the cleanest of rooms, that human caretaker is still a living creature that now subsides on staying alive in the room, and this anxiety to safety could cause other health problems, or at some point in the caretakers future death happens.

Let’s say, that say this caretaker not only kept the rooms safe, clean, self-sufficient, and of course well-lit.  This caretaker found the zen of cleaning the room and not only keeping it orderly, but the act of restoring it to a more perfect Order is a pleasure as well.

In this instance, the caretaker’s room becomes a vacuum, separate from the world.

Is the caretaker doing it to avoid humanity, or be with himself?

Also, a shout out to A priori, that all things that have existed or will ever exist is because there was one source that created it.  This source is beyond any words or ideas to express would I have always known to be the Truth of Truths.  Any other title, is just some egoistic aspect for our own devices.  To that which created us and the world, how can any thing by greater than another?

That is because each man has been given the allowance to be be free and exercise his will to either make the world a better place, or a worse place.

Man may be free to do as he will, BUT, there are many unknown rules around him to which he must obey in order to exercise that most sacred moment of realization, aka freedom.

It is important that each man finds himself, because each time that moment occurs, an understanding develops that is part of each mans covenant between himself and                                 by way of how he deals with humanity and the world around him.

For that is all we have.

Each our own day in the sun.

Vanity of vanities.

All is Vanity.

Metaphor of metaphors.

Every thing is divine.