I am not the only one who feels like this year, more than any others will bring about the much needed change.  Nothing will ever be without sacrifice, and there was a time when only those who served would be asked to sacrifice to save one world from another.

This reality seems so broken, so shattered, sanity is no longer the modus operandi of those whom we the people have given rule.  For what end?  To what end, is this current scheme of madness?

There is only one blip, one error.  A book was written explaining the horrors mankind was to face.  The world was new and raw.  The authors of that book had answers to their questions, but instead guided the new world into the old darkness.  The same darkness that is within us all.  We are all equal in the Light of lights as well as what zero tries to represent.  I think something was hidden in aleph.  Something that few of us could share, and for some others still, a way to cause nightmares.

To single out a king is preposterous, for they all become tyrants in the end.  This was known by a people who begged their God.  The one that had freed them, to have a god-king to be like all the rest.  Monarchies cannot stand alone, so they must appoint a ruling class to manage the estate as well as breed an everlasting trust with the land and the people around them.  Our history books which are now being re-written and erased, told us about the downfalls of societies that had a ruling class without a watchdog to enforce a palatable rule of law: a social contract.

Moses needed one and placed the God of the Hebrews, the God of all Things (Baruch Atah Adonai), as the head, with nine other ethical pit-traps to avoid in order to live as best as possible.  What happens when they are followed? Life and love!  What happens when they are disobeyed? They suffer, oh how they suffer.  Which is greater, a land promised, any land where one is free to do as one desires, or a land where one is a slave to another with a heart crying out for Justice(Freedom)?  None is greater than the Lord God which created any and all situations where one can find himself.

Examples and metaphors exist in a people I love, but do not, and cannot love me, because they love another.  The words and actions are confusion and fear.  I have found no comfort in them.  My people do exist, but I have yet to find them.  I am saddened where I looked, because their teachers have shown a powerful love that I thought I had lost forever.  A people, a language, a culture… a song.  The song of songs.  I heard it when their teachers spoke of Love.  There was a longing for justice for all mankind when they did not have that land, and even still I am told that some of these teachers might have seen what I have seen.

What does a man profit if he gains the world but loses his soul in the process?

Every victory will be hollow; every pleasure into apathy.

All that was once light and love;

it is now darkness.

The void.